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Small Room Hacks: Easy Ways to Make Any Room Feel Bigger

Sometimes it feels like a small room is closing in around you, doesn't it? One of the most googled home interior questions is "How do I make a small room look bigger".  Smaller rooms in houses can get overlooked and become a place we just don't want to use other than for storage. But today we are going to take a deep dive into how we can make even our smallest room in the house feel like somewhere we want to spend more time. It is easier and not as expensive as you might have thought so let's get into it. 

1. Paint it Light and bright

Channel the magic of light colours. Think Pastels, creams, and subtle whites these can be your best friend. These shades not only ooze sophistication but also reflect light, creating a sense of airy spaciousness. Back away from any dark colours and this is not the place for a statement wall. 

2. Mirror

Mirrors are the unsung heroes of faking the illusion of a bigger space. When smartly placed opposite a window or another light source like a lamp, they can almost double the perceived space of a room by reflecting the light and views. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make the room feel bigger with no effort. 

small room which is making use of the space with clever tricks

3. Made-to-Measure Shutters 

Now, let's talk about made-to-measure wooden shutter blinds! These tailored beauties are not just about the aesthetics though they do look incredibly stylish. 

They're perfect for:

Controlled Light: These shutters allow you to control the exact amount of light you let in, ensuring your space always feels bright and airy but never overwhelming.

Space-Saving: Unlike bulky curtains, shutters lie flush against the windows, freeing up valuable space and offering a sleek high-end look.

Custom Fit: Every nook and cranny of your unique window is considered, ensuring a perfect fit and maximizing your room's potential. Making it look and feel more sophisticated and expensive. 

Added Depth: Their clean lines and frames add depth to your walls, creating layers that visually expand the room. We love an optical illusion up in here. 

Investing in these shutters can revamp and elevate the whole of your space with an easy-to-add feature. 

4. Furniture that Floats 

Now bear with me here. By choosing furniture with exposed legs this can make a world of difference. When you see more of the floor, the room instantly feels more spacious. So by opting for that leggy sofa or chair, they’re both chic and space-enhancing. 

5. Declutter  

Clutter is the enemy of small rooms. This is a less truly is more situation in smaller spaces. Simplify prioritize and declutter. Think about adding multi-functional furniture, like beds with built-in storage or wall-mounted desks, These can help stow away and hide the clutter, leaving your room clean tidy and breathable. 

6. Vertical illusions 

By guiding the eyes upwards. Using tall bookshelves or hanging vertical artwork. This will add the illusion of the room being elongated, making it feel grander than it is. This is a trick that has been used in stately homes for years. Think about the last time you walked around a state home the small libraries were covered in tall book shelves which guide the eye up not down. Clever trick there. 

7. Strategic Decor Choices 

Think about the items you are using in the room just for decor purposes. By opting for larger, fewer decor items instead of many small ones. This reduces visual clutter. Yes, that's a thing.  Think more about adding a statement art piece, a big plant, or a prominent light fixture that can stand out without overwhelming the space. Less is more in the world of small rooms. 

8. Layered Lighting

Light is our friend the more the better. By utilising multiple light sources with a mix of ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. Layering these can create different focal points, drawing the eye around the room and emphasizing its dimensions not the lack of them. 

9. Rug  

These can be a great added extra. Having an expansive rug can tie everything together, making the floor seem bigger and more open. Remember to stick to lighter shades and minimalistic patterns to maintain the openness of the room. 

10. Shelves 

Instead of heavy cabinets, use shelving.  This is a great place to put your smaller items and it looks less bulky in a smaller room and more put together. Don't underestimate the power of a good nicely hung shelve. 

Making a compact room feel spacious isn’t just about knocking down walls or completely renovating. Sometimes, it’s about being smart and adding subtle touches like a splash of paint here, a nicely placed mirror there, and of course, those beautiful made-to-measure shutters that can transform your space. You dont have to break the bank to really transform your living space you just need a vision and the willingness to put some Elbo grease in. 

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