MissLJBeauty: December 2014

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Benefit advent calendar 2014 days 14 to 24

Hi everyone, 

How are we all? 

Just a really quick post today. 

The lighting is to rubbish for photos so here's a wee vid. 

sorry the angle is a bit off and it looks like i only wear one dress havent worn it since the last vid lol
and I pick today lol. 

Hope you all have a good night tonight If your going out or staying in like me. 

Happy 2015 lets make this year count. 

bliadhna mhath ùr

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Benefit Advent calendar days 1-14

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? 

So its xmas advent time. Here is what is in the Benefitcosmetics 2014 calender days 1 to 14. 
not to sure its worth the £60 people paid for it. but for me its nice as it was a prize I won.

What calender did you get? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My wedding

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

after month ( we married in June) My photos are here. So here a wee vid of them. Check out my wonderful photographer here http://www.captivatingphotography.co.uk 
You are wondering why there is not many of the hubby. Hes a bit shy and not really in to my blogging him. Sorry there not many photos of my 2nd dress. The photographer didn't take to many. I changed for the evening.

The day was amazing and horrid at the same time. Whats a highland wedding with out family dramas.

I'm not going to go in to in in this post but my day was amazing I married the most amazing handsome trustworthy funny man in the world. when they made my hubby the mold was broken and
he was made for me.

My wedding day will most like be the last day I will see my immediate family as my heart was broken by my mother and sister that day.

Huge thank you to my gorgeous bridesmaid and flower girls.
I have a few big thanks to make .....

Dave (@davelackie) Davelackie.com My lovely friend from a cross the water. Sent me the gorgeous fragrance  you see in my photo, he actually sent me another one too but This one spoke to me as its called The One.

Lisa (@ribbonsandtulle) RibbonandTulle who made my gorgeous flowers

Busy bee candles (BusyBeeCandles) these were my candles of choice for the big day.

My hair was only saved by All dolled up The hairdresser I had was a nightmare check the link for my  explanation. thanks god for all dolled up Glasgow!

pre wedding I did LighterlifeFast where you fast for two days a week with there product check out the link for details.

Hope you all enjoyed the vid.

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Spectrum Make Brushes Review

Hi everyone,
So today I want to talk about a new obsession in my world! Spectrum Collections 8 piece Eye Blending make up brush set £29.99

I love that they come in this handy pouch which I popped in my travel bag. 
They arrived all individually wrapped

These are crazy soft 

I have been using theses so often when doing my eyes, There seems to be a brush for every step of the application of eye shadow. 
I will do a vid showing you how I use them, But thought I'd get this up asap encase you are looking for inspiration for xmas pressies

I would be delighted with anything from these as a xmas present. They are lovely to work with. 

Have you tried these? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Duty Free Haul - Victoria Secrets

Hi everyone, 

As you know I was away On my honeymoon and here is what I grabbed on my way out of Punta Cana airport. 

This will be no shock to any one who follows my blog there was a Victorias Secret. So I went a bit perfume mad

These were priced between $15-$18 dollar If you are in Punta Cana Airport don't do what I did and buy them from Victoria secret shop as they are cheaper in the duty free shop! Which is right across from VS. DOH never mind.

I got 
Midnight Exotic In sensual Jasmine This is such deep sexy scent I love this

Midnight Exotic In Deep berry this is sweet and as it says very red berry in smell 

Midnight Exotic In forbidden vanilla a lovely vanilla not to sickly sweet just perfect

Midnight Exotic In respberry and sandelwood This one get loads of complements everytime I wear it.

Bombshell. very floral and vanilla but a grown up sexy version

Incredible This on is again sweet with pear and sandelwood. 

I think I am set for handbag perfumes for the next year. I have found they are all long lasting and I am gettting so many compliment I think it becase people have smelt them so much over here in the uk. 

Mite have to pop in a order for the new years sales. 

Have you tried VS? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunkissed dark tan review

Hi everyone, 

How are you all today?
 So before I went on my honeymoon I was very pale. I am normally really lucky as my skin tans easy and it normally last a very long time but the summer in Scotland was not great this year so I think I was the palest I have ever been. I wanted to try a new self tan moose before I went away so I would have a bit of colour and not get the "hassle from people"

Enter Sunkissed bronzing Mousse In Dark This costs only £4.99.
The application was really easy no streaking and most importantly this did not leave me smelling of biscuits! Score, instead this has a really fresh scent. 
I found that this developed instantly to a deep tan I left it on over night before I showered and I have to say No stained bed sheets! Thanks goodness. I actually liked the tan after my shower it was so natural like I just come back from a holiday type of glow.  

 I found this Lasted about 4 days before I topped it up with a quick layer. I have to say this is far better than Higher priced mousse fake tan I have tried and I wont be reaching for them anymore.

I really like this tan! 

Have you tried Sunkissed?

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Friday, 5 December 2014

New Boots from Clarks

Hi |Everyone
How are you today?

I was very lucky and won a item of my choice from Clarks. Gone are the days where Clarks where known for there school shoes and you had to be dragged in by your family and made to try on shoes kicking and screaming. 

They have got amazing quality stylish designs now and are very much a high class company. I love the boots I got, Unfortunately they are out of stock on the Clarks website but I think The RRP was about £130? 

The  leather used on these boots is out of this world. I can tell they will last me for years. I love dressing them up with a nice dress or down with jeans.

 They are mid calf length 

 About 1 inch in the heel 
 Zip side opening, These are small made 

Have you bought any shoes from clarks? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Results with Lucy Wobble to Model review

Hi everyone, 

How are you all today? 

As you know I did wobble to model with Results with Lucy. This is my results after the 6 week program. I have never felt so Good and fit in my life! Or looked so toned.

I explain what I lost whilst on this program in my vid above. 
I like to use inches as my guide as I think stones and pounds can be miss leading. 

This was a fun and healthy plan and I'm looking forward to my next one. 
mm what to do next with results with Lucy. 

I have to say that this plan really gave me the bug for fitness, when I was away for the month I felt guilty for not excising. I was so used to doing something every second day that it was very odd to give myself a break and my body craved the attention it had been getting through wobble to model. 

I have to say the biggest change I noticed was My ass my cellulite has pretty much gone. As I explained in the vid I was a size 24 a while ago and I have the marks to prove I have lost weight I was very lucky to only have cellulite after my weightloss but this program blitz it. I am studying massage and I have to say the foam roller really helped get rid of the cellulite and sooth my poor muscles after a hard session. 

Would I recommend this program to you .... HELL YES get on it! If I can do it you can do it! 

Before Wobble to model

After Wobble to Model 

let me know what your up to fitness wise!

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Monday, 1 December 2014

Toxic fox Christmas with Claireabella & Typography of Love

Hi everyone, 

How are we all today? 

Its the season.... fla la la la LA.

Ok you get the idea. 

So I was a very lucky girl and one of my favorite website Toxicfox.co.uk sent me a couple of gifts to review for Christmas. 

ToxicFox also Given me a cheeky wee discount code for you! Enter TFBlog at the chcekout  and you will get 10% off. You know me I love a discount code. 

See My Youtube here. 

 Available here for only £39.99 

 Available here for £39.99

I am so In love with these. Have you got a Claireabella or a TOL
 (typography of love) Item ?

leave me a comment or tweet me (@MissLJBeauty ) I'd love to see yours 

MissLJBeauty xoxo