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Sunkissed dark tan review

Hi everyone, 

How are you all today?
 So before I went on my honeymoon I was very pale. I am normally really lucky as my skin tans easy and it normally last a very long time but the summer in Scotland was not great this year so I think I was the palest I have ever been. I wanted to try a new self tan moose before I went away so I would have a bit of colour and not get the "hassle from people"

Enter Sunkissed bronzing Mousse In Dark This costs only £4.99.
The application was really easy no streaking and most importantly this did not leave me smelling of biscuits! Score, instead this has a really fresh scent. 
I found that this developed instantly to a deep tan I left it on over night before I showered and I have to say No stained bed sheets! Thanks goodness. I actually liked the tan after my shower it was so natural like I just come back from a holiday type of glow.  

 I found this Lasted about 4 days before I topped it up with a quick layer. I have to say this is far better than Higher priced mousse fake tan I have tried and I wont be reaching for them anymore.

I really like this tan! 

Have you tried Sunkissed?

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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