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My wedding

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

after month ( we married in June) My photos are here. So here a wee vid of them. Check out my wonderful photographer here
You are wondering why there is not many of the hubby. Hes a bit shy and not really in to my blogging him. Sorry there not many photos of my 2nd dress. The photographer didn't take to many. I changed for the evening.

The day was amazing and horrid at the same time. Whats a highland wedding with out family dramas.

I'm not going to go in to in this post but my day was amazing I married the most amazing handsome trustworthy funny man in the world. when they made my hubby the mould was broken and
he was made for me.

My wedding day will most like be the last day I will see my immediate family as my heart was broken by my mother and sister that day.

Huge thank you to my gorgeous bridesmaid and flower girls.
I have a few big thanks to making.....

Dave (@davelackie) My lovely friend from a cross the water. Sent me the gorgeous fragrance you see in my photo, he actually sent me another one too but This one spoke to me as its called The One.

Lisa (@ribbonsandtulle) RibbonandTulle who made my gorgeous flowers

Busy bee candles (BusyBeeCandles) these were my candles of choice for the big day.

My hair was only saved by All dolled up The hairdresser I had was a nightmare check the link for my explanation. thank god for all dolled up Glasgow!

pre-wedding I did LighterlifeFast where you fast for two days a week with there product check out the link for details.

Hope you all enjoyed the vid.

MissLJBeauty xoxo