Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mountain biking Nevis Range

Hi Everyone. 

So I'm back on my bike and thought I would share some of my mountain biking with you. 

This is me biking the blue Adder Route at nevis range in Fort william. 

I have to say I was quite slow as I am new to wearing a camera. 

I think biking is a awesome way to not only burn calories but also get fit and have fun. My bike is a boardman. as you can see I have pinked my bike up and I'm not ashamed. 

The same day this is nevis ranges Jump line. 
I find biking male dominated but I love it and want more girls to get involved. I love the freedom of biking. I bike with my hubby and our friends and its so sociable, I dont pretend to be as good as them but I am trying and I think I am making improvements I am just learning to drop and jump. which is the biggest adrenaline rush ever. I add all my biking on my facebook feel free to add me its MissLJBeauty on there. 

Have you mountain biked? Whats your favorite trails?

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Monday, 21 March 2016

Start Cycling to Keep Fit and Have Fun

Hi everyone

Staying fit should always be important, no matter how you do it. Some people take a long time to find the things they enjoy. There are so many things out there to try, though, so everyone should keep experimenting until they find something they love. Cycling has become much more popular since the last Olympics, and lots of people are taking it up. Many haven't been on a bike since they were children or teenagers and don't realise how fun it can be. If you want to start cycling for fitness, begin by doing the following things.


Get a Bike

You don't have to buy a bike right away if you want to start cycling. It's possible to hire one in many places or to borrow one from a friend. If you're not sure whether you wish to start cycling, it's a good idea to do one of those things first. But if you want a bike that's tailored to your needs, as well as your size, you should buy your own. Consider where you want to ride before you get your bike. Will you be in the city or somewhere more rural? Once you've got your bike, it's a good idea to use a bike insurance comparison site. Protecting your bike against damage and theft is essential, especially if you've invested a lot of money in it.

Start Cycling to Get Around

The great thing about owning a bike is that you can use it for your commute and to get around. You can use it to get fit during the time when you would otherwise be sat in a car or on a bus or train. It's faster than walking, and you'll burn more calories too. If you want to make it easier to store your bike or carry it around, you might consider getting a folding bike. Start getting fit through cycling by riding to work and back, or just doing one length of the journey. You could take your bike with you for other things too, like going shopping.


Cycle in Your Free Time

Cycling isn't just to help you get from A to B; you can also just do it for fun. There are several ways you can start riding your bike more as a hobby. You could take long bike rides through country lanes and forest paths, or even up and down hills and mountains. You might even get so into cycling that you decide you want to do some races. One thing you can do is look for cycling groups and events in your area.

Take a Spin Class

If you prefer to exercise inside, you can get on an exercise bike instead. Doing it on your own can be a bit boring when you're in the gym, though. Make it more exciting by looking a spin class to join in with. You'll have an instructor, and there's usually music and even lights to keep you motivated.

Cycling is an awesome way to keep fit, and it's easy to fit into your routine. Get on your bike today and you'll soon be cycling circles around everyone else.

MissLJBeauty xo

The Most Important Steps To Planning Your Wedding

Hi everyone.

It’s true what everyone says, your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life. Well, as long as you’re smart about your planning that is. The truth is if you want an amazing wedding that you’ll remember for many years to come, planning is crucial.

My husband and I remember our wedding day and how special it was but only because we ensured that every detail was planned out in advance. Trust me on this, if you leave things to the last minute, you’ll end up overly stressed and in full on panic mode.


To help you ensure that your wedding day is as wonderfully magical as you hope it will be, take these tips on board.

Invest in a planning book

If you can’t afford a wedding planner, your best bet is to invest in a planning book. These are amazing as they contain lists of everything that needs to be done for your wedding, from selecting a venue to choosing the favors. The great thing about wedding planning books is that often, they put what needs to be done in order of importance. This makes planning your big day much easier and less stressful. To get an idea of the best planning book to invest in, do your research and ask married friends for recommendations.

Use to-do lists to keep on top of things

Organization is key when it comes to wedding planning, which is why to-do lists are so handy. If you want to ensure that everything is kept on top of, make a habit of using to-do lists. By writing down what needs to be done and when, you’ll find it easier to keep on top of everything. For this, you can use your wedding planner notes pages, so that all your wedding stuff is kept together.

Select your venue before anything else

The first thing that you need to do is select a venue. This needs to be done first as it’s the most important part of planning your wedding. Until you know where you’ll be holding everything, you can’t organize anything. That’s why before sending out your invites, selecting your vendors and planning your day, you need to find and book a suitable venue. Don’t make the mistake of rushing this. Just make sure that this is the first part of your wedding planning that you get sorted.

Make sending out invites and save-the-dates a priority

Once you’ve selected your venue and know the date of your wedding, it’s crucial that you make your invites and save-the-dates a priority. If you want to ensure that everyone you want at your wedding can come, it’s crucial that you are prompt with inviting people. Get your save-the-dates out and then start getting your wedding invitations sorted.

It’s a good idea that both your save-the-dates and invites match each other. As this will give your guests an idea of the wedding theme. If you want to ensure that each of your guests feel valued, it’s worth sending out personalised wedding invitations. These are much nicer than generic ones as they're personalised for each guest.

Choose and book your vendors

Last but not least, choose and book your vendors. Deciding on the vendors for your big day is one of the hardest parts of planning it. With so many options to choose from, it’s far too easy to get overwhelmed. Take your time selecting your vendors and make sure to take your wedding theme, if you have one, into account. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your married friends for some suggestions.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about planning your dream wedding.

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

quick and easy hair with clip in ponytail

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? 

So the weather is better It's time to think hair for that special do's. Let's face it, it's getting to the wedding, christening prom etc time of year and I'm always looking for quick and easy ways to style my hair but that still looks put together. Here I am using clip in pony tail. There 20% off your first order at the moment so have a wee look. This is remy human hair the quality is insane it's so soft and thick definitely one of the best I Have used and so easy to style. 

 I had to use some violet shampoo to make my pony tail match my hair. 
I did this by wetting the hair adding the shampoo and rinsing it out. it worked a treat. I left it to air dry. I did this a couple times to get the right shade. 

 No styling
 This attaches to your ponytail with a wee comb and it has ribbon ties to secure. I had to cut mine down as they were really long. 
 This is one of my summer go to looks the simple twist is so easy to do and it just so pretty. 
I used some bumble and bumble styling oil to tame my pony tail. 
Here it is just hanging down round my shoulders
The classic bun. I like to use the pony tail to do buns as it really adds volume. I have long thin hair and I struggle to get the look i require with out the clip in pony tail ponytails in platinum blonde

Have you tried chip in pony tails? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tips and Tricks to Have Unshakeable Confidence in Your Bikini!

Hi Everyone.

Summer is literally a stone’s throw away. You’re probably thinking about booking a holiday or trip of some kind if you haven’t booked one already. But what does that mean? It’ll be time to get your bikini out! Every year a ton of women say they are going to look and feel great in their bikini, but they don’t do anything differently. These tips and tricks will help you to have unshakeable confidence while wearing next to nothing. Enjoy!

Change Your Diet ASAP

Don’t wait 2 weeks before your holiday to decide it’s time to knuckle down. Change your diet ASAP and you’ll see much better results. There are some misconceptions about dieting to wear a bikini that I’d like to debunk here. You do not need to starve yourself. You do not need to even go hungry. You do not need to live off vegetables, or cut out starchy carbs. None of those things are healthy! You should make sure you’re in a calorie deficit yes, but you should lower your calories slowly to avoid making your body go into starvation mode. Your body might also slim down when you cut just a couple hundred calories, rather than halving your calories in an attempt to speed things up. 1-2 pounds a week is a good amount to aim for. Make sure you’re eating a good mix of healthy foods, filling up on natural substances. Keep treats limited, but still include them so you don’t feel deprived. You need a process that works for you!

Start Getting More Active

Exercise goes hand in hand with eating right. However, exercise won’t cancel out bad food you eat, so don’t eat a pizza and then think you can undo everything on the treadmill. It doesn’t work like that! You need to put plenty of effort into both to see results. You can get more active by taking part in gym classes, or even just by walking more. Just make sure you’re challenging yourself and keeping things varied.

Speed Up Your Inch Loss

There are ways you can speed up your inch loss without doing anything unhealthy. Professionals like Dr Leah offer inch loss treatments that can help to kickstart your fat loss. Just make sure you stick to aftercare advice so you don’t pile it all back on!  

Practice Self Love

Loving yourself will help you when you’re wearing your bikini. If you don’t like yourself, how can you expect anybody else to? Work on this regularly and you’ll feel great on the beach!

Act Like You’re Confident

Even if you don’t feel confident, act like you’re confident. This may take practice, but soon you may start to feel it.

Choose a Bikini That Flatters You

When bikini shopping, make sure you pick a bikini that flatters your body type. Do your research on your body shape and make an effort to pick that style of bikini.

Wear a Wedge

If you want to look even slimmer, then wear a wedge with your bikini! You’ll lift your bum and lengthen your legs.

Stand Up Tall

Practice standing up tall and having good posture. This can take pounds off you instantly!

Missljbeauty xo

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Adding Taste in to my life with Nudo

Hi Everyone. 

How are you?

I was sent something rather special a few weeks ago and I have to say I'm hooked. 
These three oils are from before I get in to the review part I have to tell you about this amazing company. Nudo adopt is a collaboration of small scare produce who have come together to produce quality products. Each producer really cares about there product and sustainability of there grove field or garden.  They really care about there farmer and want to make them a success whilst keeping traditional farming alive. I'm from a fishing and farming family so this is so up my street. 
Its so nice to see in this day and age a company that gives a crap about the little man. I have over the years seen the change in just scotlands farming industry this gives me great pleasure in my product.  
They dont just sell oils they sell teas to honey go have a look you wont be disappointed. 

The extra virgin olive oil in lemon. At first I didn't know what to do with this. My husband is by far a better cook them me and he suggested lemon chicken. This oil was amazing for this and so tasty in stirfrys. zesty fresh and sweet the perfect summer oil. 

I love love love this oil this is my go to in the bunch. I put it in everything. 
I find it adds a extra kick to my lasagna and spaghetti. This is so devine its one even funny by far the best tasting oil I have ever had.  spicy and mild. 

The classic Extra virgin olive oil. 
Amazing for dipping with balsamic vinegar. I cant fault this its
fresh and smooth and makes the perfect base for any cooking. 

 I was going to go in to why olive oil is so good for you but Nudo have covered it  here

Nudo have an outstanding adoption program but I think thats a post in its self so I will save it for later but if like me you need to know check this out

MissLJbeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

february favorites

Hi Everyone, 

How are we all today? 

So lets talk this month favorites. I ve been a bit distant lately as I've been so busy but I'm back. 

My perfume of choice at the moment is Jimmy Choo I got mine from superdrug. I have to say at first I wasn't sure about this one as its not as sweet as I normally like. I find this woody and fruity but very subtle. I have had loads of compliments on it so it must be nicer than I first though. I think its more of a every day fragrance than a going out one.  

This is a really nice colour its MUA  power pout glaze in Serenity. This is a lot more glossy Than i would normally use but I find the gloss is not sticky so it feels nice on the lips. 

 the brush is nice but oh my gosh you have to wind it up for every until the colour come out.

This month I'm loving celebrity training with Sam faiers. I'm obsessed with this program. This will be getting more updates and full posts but I cant do favorites with out mentioning it. The best program I have done in such a long time. 

This months candle is Yankee madagascan orchid Oh my gosh 
I couldn't love this more. Its very masculine, woody but sweet this to me is the best smell in the world.  

I ve been trying shake it slim shakes. 
This will get its own review but I have really enjoyed these very thick and you make them with water so perfect for breakfast on the go and keep you full for ages.
What have you been loving?
MissLJbeauty xox