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Adding Taste in to my life with Nudo

Hi Everyone. 

How are you?

I was sent something rather special a few weeks ago and I have to say I'm hooked. 
These three oils are from before I get in to the review part I have to tell you about this amazing company. Nudo adopt is a collaboration of small scare produce who have come together to produce quality products. Each producer really cares about there product and sustainability of there grove field or garden.  They really care about there farmer and want to make them a success whilst keeping traditional farming alive. I'm from a fishing and farming family so this is so up my street. 
Its so nice to see in this day and age a company that gives a crap about the little man. I have over the years seen the change in just scotlands farming industry this gives me great pleasure in my product.  
They dont just sell oils they sell teas to honey go have a look you wont be disappointed. 

The extra virgin olive oil in lemon. At first I didn't know what to do with this. My husband is by far a better cook them me and he suggested lemon chicken. This oil was amazing for this and so tasty in stirfrys. zesty fresh and sweet the perfect summer oil. 

I love love love this oil this is my go to in the bunch. I put it in everything. 
I find it adds a extra kick to my lasagna and spaghetti. This is so devine its one even funny by far the best tasting oil I have ever had.  spicy and mild. 

The classic Extra virgin olive oil. 
Amazing for dipping with balsamic vinegar. I cant fault this its
fresh and smooth and makes the perfect base for any cooking. 

 I was going to go in to why olive oil is so good for you but Nudo have covered it  here. 

Nudo have an outstanding adoption program but I think thats a post in its self so I will save it for later but if like me you need to know check this out. 

MissLJbeauty xoxo