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Have Unshakeable Confidence in Your Bikini!

Summer is literally a stone’s throw away. You’re probably thinking about booking a holiday or trip of some kind if you haven’t booked one already. But what does that mean? It’ll be time to get your bikini out! Every year a ton of women say they are going to look and feel great in their bikini, but they don’t do anything differently. These tips and tricks will help you to have unshakeable confidence while wearing next to nothing. Enjoy!

Change Your Diet ASAP

Don’t wait 2 weeks before your holiday to decide it’s time to knuckle down. Change your diet ASAP and you’ll see much better results. There are some misconceptions about dieting to wear a bikini that I’d like to debunk here. You do not need to starve yourself. You do not need to even go hungry. You do not need to live off vegetables, or cut out starchy carbs. None of those things are healthy! You should make sure you’re in a calorie deficit yes, but you should lower your calories slowly to avoid making your body go into starvation mode. Your body might also slim down when you cut just a couple hundred calories, rather than halving your calories in an attempt to speed things up. 1-2 pounds a week is a good amount to aim for. Make sure you’re eating a good mix of healthy foods, filling up on natural substances. Keep treats limited, but still include them so you don’t feel deprived. You need a process that works for you!

Start Getting More Active

Exercise goes hand in hand with eating right. However, exercise won’t cancel out bad food you eat, so don’t eat a pizza and then think you can undo everything on the treadmill. It doesn’t work like that! You need to put plenty of effort into both to see results. You can get more active by taking part in gym classes, or even just by walking more. Just make sure you’re challenging yourself and keeping things varied.

Speed Up Your Inch Loss

There are ways you can speed up your inch loss without doing anything unhealthy. Professionals like Dr Leah offer inch loss treatments that can help to kickstart your fat loss. Just make sure you stick to aftercare advice so you don’t pile it all back on!  

Practice Self Love

Loving yourself will help you when you’re wearing your bikini. If you don’t like yourself, how can you expect anybody else to? Work on this regularly and you’ll feel great on the beach!
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Act Like You’re Confident

Even if you don’t feel confident, act like you’re confident. This may take practice, but soon you may start to feel it.

Choose a Bikini That Flatters You

When bikini shopping, make sure you pick a bikini that flatters your body type. Do your research on your body shape and make an effort to pick that style of bikini.

Wear a Wedge

If you want to look even slimmer, then wear a wedge with your bikini! You’ll lift your bum and lengthen your legs.

Stand Up Tall

Practice standing up tall and having good posture. This can take pounds off you instantly!

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