Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sport Injury Recovery: A Quick Guide

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You may or may not know but I am a sport masseuse. I am always seeing people after injury. No matter what kind of sport you take part in, accidents and injuries can easily happen. Not only can they be extremely painful, but some injuries are severe enough to put you out of action for weeks or even permanently. If you’re an active person, this can make you feel defeated and cause you to lose all motivation. But in some cases, the recovery process can actually to boost your determination and improve your technique. So use this guide to making a full recover and come back better than before.

Get a diagnosis

If you’ve sustained an injury, the first thing you need to do is get a medical diagnosis. Many people don’t seek this help straight away as they believe that their pain will eventually wear off. If the pain continues or gets worse, it’s vital that you get medical assistance. The doctors will be able to carry out tests to determine what is causing your pain and discomfort. This is also an excellent opportunity to think carefully about how the injury occurred. Maybe it was caused by another medical issue you have or perhaps it was just human error. Knowing what caused your injury can help the doctor prescribe the best form of treatment. Depending on how severe your injury is, you may need surgery, time off work and help at home.

Start a rehab plan

Once your doctor has given you pain relief for your injury, the next step is to establish a suitable rehabilitation plan. This will give you assistance and support from experts who can help you start to regain movement and strength. This plan will include simple exercises that are tailored to you and your injury. As you progress, these exercises will get more challenging to encourage your body to regain strength and form. The physical therapist and trainers can also help you stop getting injured again in future by improving your balance and posture. They may even help you improve your technique too. Your rehab plan will take time, so it’s important to remain patient even though you will feel frustrated at times. Having a supportive team around you will give you the motivation you need to continue.

Don’t push yourself

No matter what injury you have sustained, it’s important that you don’t rush your recovery. This will only increase the risk of further injury and damage being caused to your body. We all heal at different rates, and it’s important to allow your body to heal fully before rejoining your sports team. Keep yourself preoccupied during your recovery to stay enthusiastic and focused. You could enlist the help of a personal trainer to help you continue to build up your strength. Or you could research what foods can boost recovery. You may even want to use this time to help coach sports teams in your local area. So even though you aren’t technically playing, you are still involved. This will stop you feeling like you are missing out.

Once you feel back to normal and have fully healed, there is no reason why you can’t rejoin your team or coach. Just remember to pace yourself.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Incredible Ways You Can Reduce High Levels Of Stress

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A common problem that many people face every day of their lives is getting too stressed. You might find that you’re panicking about work or something in your personal life. It could be the stress of caring for your children. Or, perhaps just the stress that you’ll encounter on a daily basis driving. Ever been stuck in rush hour when you’re late for work? That can get incredibly stressful quicker than you’d imagine. You’ll be banging your fist on the steering wheel in no time.

The problem is that stress will damage your body and your mind. If you get stressed, you may also have a high blood pressure. This can significantly reduce your lifespan. That’s why it’s important that we find a way to combat high levels of stress.

Listening To Music

Believe it or not, experts have shown that listening to music does calm you down quite a lot. That’s why if you do drive, you should have CD or playlist of calm, soothing, music. This will stop you getting uptight. It’s why people who exercise often listen to music. A heavy beat keeps you motivated and makes things that are bothering you seem less important. For instance, you should try dance music while you’re exercising and you’ll rapidly work off stress.


Vaping will relieve tensions and stress. It’s nothing to do what’s inside the liquid. It’s all about the process of breathing a substance in and out of your lungs. This process encourages your lungs to work at a faster rate to process the substance. Due to this, your body intakes a higher level of oxygen as well as other chemicals. When this happens, more oxygen reaches the brain, helping your mind focus. Due to being able to focus, you can then solve and work through the issues that are causing you to feel stressed. You might be thinking; I wonder if there are any vape shops near me. Have a look online as this might be the answer to high stress that you’ve been looking for.


Similar to vaping, yoga through regular breathing exercises, allows more oxygen into the lungs. However, it combines this effect with exercise, another form of stress relief. When you exercise, you can work off the tension built up through the day, taking anger out on yourself in a healthy way. The relief that you feel after exercise is the sign that you have dealt with your stress. This is why you should be aiming to exercise on a regular basis, at least once every day.

A Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

Okay, you’re not going to be able to do this as often as the others, granted. However, that doesn’t mean riding in a hot air balloon every so often won’t have a positive effect. Experts believe every time you ride in a hot air balloon; you add one year on to your life. The reason for this is the peace and serenity that people find in the skies. It’s as close as you can get to touching heaven and well worth trying when you feel highly stressed.


Friday, 10 June 2016

Top Techniques to Decide If a Diet Is Right for You

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There are so many diets out there and so much misinformation that it can be hard to know what to believe. Proponents of every diet claim that it will work for you and do wonders for your weight. But how are you meant to know what genuinely works? If you want to be able to wade through all the information and make an informed decision, there are some skills and techniques you can use. You just need to know what to look for to decide whether something is worth trying. However, you might decide you won't know for sure unless you try it for yourself.

Investigate the Sciencey Bit

Many of us feel baffled by the science behind lots of things, including diets. We often prefer to form an opinion based on our own experiences or what people we know tell us. But if you want to know whether a diet could work for you, it's important to look at the science involved. You don't have to be particularly scientifically literate, though. Other people have usually already translated the important information into plain English. They can tell you whether there are any studies into whether a diet or supplement works and if it does, they can explain why it works.

Read Reviews

The best evidence is a proper scientific study. However, without one or perhaps in addition to one, you can turn to reviews. It's a good idea to have independent experiences and opinions to help you inform your own. You can find reviews of different diets and supplements, like these Garcinia Cambogia reviews. When you're looking for reviews, try to find a mix of sources. It's important to have some independent websites you can use. If the website is selling something related to the diet you're researching, it's probably not as independent as you might think.

Be Wary of the Dangers

Before you try any diet, you need to make sure that it's safe. You can do this by looking up the side-effects and warnings that might come with following it. Sometimes, the people promoting a particular diet will be open about the ways it could affect. However, you might have to do some digging to find out if there is anything that you might make you concerned. It's important to make sure a diet is safe for you, especially if you have a health condition. Talking to your doctor before beginning a new diet is a good idea.

Try It Yourself

If you're intrigued by a diet but you're still unsure, sometimes trying it yourself is the way to go. Once you've made sure it's safe, you might decide to see what it could do for you. The important thing to remember is that other things might be affecting your health too. If you begin a new diet and a new workout routine at the same time, you can't be sure which of them is helping you lose weight. It could be both or even neither, and perhaps something else is helping you lose weight. Try not to start several things at the same time to lose weight or you won't know if the diet is working.

Choose which diet will work for you by researching the ones that interest you. Find the evidence that they could work before you try them out.


Braces in your 30s

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I have am a huge believer in looking after your teeth. I think everyone is more aware of the benefits that taking care of our mouth has. I have this gorgeous Friend who has just had braces fitted for the first time in her life in her 30's and I didn't even notice them til she told me!. 
Now everyone I new who ever had braces have had braces had a faces full of metal looking like some kind of crazy robot. But the advances in the modern orthodontist world have come on leaps and bounds since my childhood days. 

So this lead me to doing some research. Come on who doesn't google everything now a days?
I once worked in a dental clinic and I seen some really bad sights walk in and walk out with that lovely smile they deserve. Whilst working there the dentist I worked with always drummed in to me that you should always look for the best in the field and never settle for a below par dentist. Your teeth have to do a lot of work in there life and they deserve the best! So My research took me to based on London. (are all the best things in London). They have all the accreditation I have been told to look for in a good Ortho and more!

What are braces for? If you suffer with Crowded teeth, over or under bite and lots more conditions.  
Back to my research. I am blessed with straight 

teeth but I have always wondered about braces. 
It was always something my friend who had them felt embarrassed by but I always wanted because I was told I couldn't have them. (typical child) One of my friends had huge issues with her braces as she played the chanter. Now You can get incognito Braces which are placed behind your teeth. 

Incognito Braces London*
How great is that? This would also help anyone who plays sports. I mountain bike and can say I would not like to hit my head with a full set of braces on my teeth.! This would be perfect way round this problem.

You don't always need a brace which is fitted to your teeth anymore either. Have you heard of invisalign-London? These are mouth aligners which you wear to adjust your smile without the 
permanent fixture of braces on your teeth. To me they look like gum guard you get when your having your whitening done but better quality and custom made. You wear these for 1-2 week then have a new set made. Until you reach your goal! You just take them out for brushing and eating. This is something I think I would consider If I had needed braces now. 

I wouldn't hesitate to Recommend to you all. 

Have you had braces? 

MissLJBeauty x

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How To Get Beach Body Ready In Less Than 6 Weeks

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There're so many different types of health and fitness plans out there on the internet - sometimes it can be hard to tell what works, and what doesn’t. That’s why I’ve put together my top tips to get beach body ready in less than six weeks.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. So get prepared to throw on your trainers, empty the junk cupboard and eat healthily. You’ll have the perfect beach body you always dreamed of, and you'll feel amazing!

Mix up your cardio

Whether you enjoy swimming, running or cycling - always mix up your cardio exercises. Not only will you be working different parts of your body, but you also won’t get bored doing the same workouts. This gives you a great opportunity to try new sports, too!

Create a meal plan

Getting a fabulous beach body doesn’t come from just exercising on a regular basis. Eating smart is crucial to getting a flat tum and a tight bum. Clean out the treats cupboard, don’t shop when you’re hungry and stick to healthy meals.

There are heaps of printable meal plans available online. Fill it out with some of your favorite healthy meals or find some available online. Once you've filled it out, stick it to your fridge and don’t stray from it.

Join a fitness class

Committing to a weekly fitness class is a great way to motivate yourself. Get in touch with your local fitness club and see if there are any sessions that you can join. I recommend a spin and circuit class because these are perfect for losing weight and toning up.

Create a motivational board

It’s easy to lose sight of why you’re pulling yourself out of bed in the morning to go for a run or going to an exercise class. Creating a Pinterest motivational board will help keep you focused. Pins can include healthy meals, model inspiration or training routines.

Get a personal trainer

Nothing is more motivating than getting a personal trainer. You’ll get a plan tailored to your body, and they’ll motivate you to push yourself to the fullest. If you’re looking for quick results, and you're serious about getting fit, this is a no-brainer.

Team up with a buddy

Sometimes it’s too easy to make excuses, renege on going to the gym, or to have a cheat meal. If you team up with one of your friends or your partner, then you’ll find it a lot easier to commit to your plan. You’ll have someone to share your achievements with, and someone to keep you company at the gym.

Track, achieve, reward

When you’re working towards a goal, it can be difficult to see the progress that you are making. Remember to always track how far you’ve come and set yourself milestones. Each time you hit one of these achievements, treat yourself. Whether it’s a naughty low-calorie dessert or a new bikini for the beach - you deserve it!

Good luck with beach body journey, and don’t give up!

The Best Foods Women Can Eat To Boost Recovery

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Exercise takes its toll on our delicate bodies. When we hit the gym or go for a jog, we break down muscle cells and cause damage to our arteries. It all sounds really bad. In fact, it sounds like we shouldn’t be doing any exercise at all!
But it’s not the exercise itself that makes us stronger: it’s the recovery afterwards. Our bodies grow back stronger, fitter and slimmer while we rest. And so it seems only natural that we pay as much attention to what we do when we’re resting as we do the exercise itself.
The question then becomes: what should we eat to boost our recovery? In this article, we’re going to look at all the foods that science has shown can help us recover. Yes, protein shakes are important. But what about the rest of it? Let’s take a look.
Turmeric And Ginger To Reduce Soreness
One of the biggest issues for people who exercise is delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. This is that sore feeling you get after you get in your muscles when you make them work hard. It’s sort of necessary in a way, in that it means that you’ve worked hard. It’s the key to more toning and definition. But it can also get in the way of your job and life in general.
Step up turmeric and ginger. Turmeric and ginger are both part of the same plant family. And as a result, they contain some of the same plant chemicals. These chemicals are actually an excellent way to reduce soreness. Scientific studies have shown that eating small amounts of ginger helps boost recovery time.
Turmeric is the superfood du jour right now. It seems to do everything, from making us fitter to reducing our cancer risk. But turmeric is also an excellent ally in boosting recovery. People who ate turmeric said that they experienced less pain after exercise, and could do more the next time they went out.
You can easily use turmeric and ginger in your cooking. Add both to curries. Or if you don’t like curries, you whizz up both in smoothies.
Cinnamon To Boost Metabolism
If there’s one annoying thing about the fitness community, it’s that they make boring food. Recipes are always so dull and lacking in flavour. But it’s not just that these recipes are boring. They actually miss out on a lot of the plants chemicals that make food great for recovery too.
Take cinnamon, for example. It’s been known for a while that cinnamon is great for women trying to lose weight because it boosts your metabolism. It actually makes it easier for your body to use sugar, so you need less insulin. This is ideal for maximising the effects of your workout. Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your breakfast can help keep boost the effect of all that exercise you did at the gym.
Like turmeric, cinnamon also helps reduce soreness after exercise. It has a bunch of similar compounds in it which help muscles to recover faster and better. And this has again been shown in some studies.
Legumes To Add Protein And Stay Slim
You don’t just have to get protein from protein powders. You can also get it from legumes too. The protein might not be as complete. But legumes come with a host of other benefits that are great if you’re looking to recover faster.
For one, they help gut bacteria. There’s been a lot of fuss about gut health recently. Scientists believe that the bacteria in our guts control everything from our weight to our mood. And since legumes, like peas, feed good bacteria, we should be eating more of them.
There’s just one problem: right now questions are being raised as to whether peas are safe to eat. Sites like think not. So if you’re looking to include legumes, stick with canned beans for now.
Almonds And Walnuts To Repair Damage
Nuts have recently been touted as a superfood. They’ve been linked to all sort of health benefits and longer life. So it should come as no surprise that nuts are great for recovery.
For one, they help women stay slimmer. Yes, nuts are high in fat. But it’s the right kind of fat packaged up in the right kind of way. This fat actually helps to regulate appetite and burn off body fat.
But the main reason we’re interested in nuts is that they are able to boost recovery. After you’ve exercised, your body is crying out for nutrients to repair itself. It needs fats, vitamins and minerals to do this. And that’s exactly what nuts bring. Nuts are high in essential fats, like omega 3 and 6. And they’re high in a whole range of minerals that you’ll need, like zinc, iron and selenium.
Including nuts in your diet is easy, so long as you aren’t allergic. You can eat a handful with your breakfast, or chop them up and put them in a salad. You can even use them in things like nut loafs. Just a word of caution, though; you don’t need to eat huge quantities of nuts. A handful each day will be just about right.
Fermented Foods To Boost Immune System
Have you ever noticed that when you exercise hard, sometimes you get sick? Well, there’s a good reason for that. Hard exercise actually depresses your immune system. And this gets in the way of us getting that bikini body we really want.
But there are ways that you can boost your immune system using food. One way is to use fermented foods. It might sound a bit gross, but most of us have eaten some type of fermented food in the past. What about sauerkraut? Fermented foods are great because they can help us to feed the good bacteria in our guts. And the good bacteria in our guts is great at making our immune systems stronger. It sounds strange, I know. But the bacteria in our gut and our immune systems are very closely linked.
What’s also cool is that fermented foods can also help give us more motivation to stay fit and train. There's some evidence that they can help boost the production of chemicals in the brain that gives us our drive.
There're all sorts of fermented foods to choose from. You can include kefir, pickled veggies and even yoghurt.
Drink Water To Reduce Soreness
Women are always being urged to drink more water. And while there might not be much point drinking more water in general, it’s a good idea after exercise.
The mistake that most women make is not knowing how much they should be drinking after they’ve trained. Often they underestimate just how much water they’ve used during a session. A good rule of thumb is to drink about 500ml for every fifteen minutes of exercise. That doesn’t mean that you have to drink that much and bloat yourself while you train. It just means that you take on board extra fluids in the hours that follow.
Drinking water is good if you want to reduce muscle soreness. People who become dehydrated during and after exercise have much sorer muscles than those who don’t. That means that the next time you hit the gym, you should seriously consider taking a big bottle to swig every now and again.
Eat Berries For Fewer Toxins
By now we all know that berries are a superfood. But just how super are they after a bout of exercise? Well, the good news is that they appear to be great at improving recovery too.
As I said at the beginning of the article, exercise damages our bodies. That’s OK, so long as we leave adequate time to recover. But it seems that berries help accelerate this process by removing waste products. Each time we work out, we use energy. And in getting at all this energy, our bodies produce waste and toxins that can derail recovery.
But berries, it seems, are experts in getting rid of all these toxins. Blueberries, cherries and blackberries are great at getting toxins out of your body faster. And this should, in theory, help accelerate recovery.
The other thing that we need a lot of when we train is sleep. And here again, berries can help. Berries may assist us in sleep because they contain the sleep hormone, melatonin. Though the jury is still out on this one, there seems to be no reason why women shouldn’t include berries in their diet.
Eat Greens For Lower Stress
Last on the list is greens. But that doesn’t mean that they are least important. In fact, greens are probably one of your best allies in the effort to recover quickly. But why are greens so good?
The biggest reason is that greens are great for reducing stress. And the less stressed we feel, the faster we can recover.
You can use greens in all your cooking. You can even have them for breakfast. Kale and eggs is a popular combo right now for women aspiring to get fitter and slimmer.
MissLJbeauty x