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Braces in your 30s

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I have am a huge believer in looking after your teeth. I think everyone is more aware of the benefits that taking care of our mouth has. I have this gorgeous Friend who has just had braces fitted for the first time in her life in her 30's and I didn't even notice them til she told me!. 
Now everyone I new who ever had braces have had braces had a faces full of metal looking like some kind of crazy robot. But the advances in the modern orthodontist world have come on leaps and bounds since my childhood days. 

So this lead me to doing some research. Come on who doesn't google everything now a days?
I once worked in a dental clinic and I seen some really bad sights walk in and walk out with that lovely smile they deserve. Whilst working there the dentist I worked with always drummed in to me that you should always look for the best in the field and never settle for a below par dentist. Your teeth have to do a lot of work in there life and they deserve the best! So My research took me to based on London. (are all the best things in London). They have all the accreditation I have been told to look for in a good Ortho and more!

What are braces for? If you suffer with Crowded teeth, over or under bite and lots more conditions.  
Back to my research. I am blessed with straight 
teeth but I have always wondered about braces. 
It was always something my friend who had them felt embarrassed by but I always wanted because I was told I couldn't have them. (typical child) One of my friends had huge issues with her braces as she played the chanter. Now You can get incognito Braces which are placed behind your teeth. 

Incognito Braces London*
How great is that? This would also help anyone who plays sports. I mountain bike and can say I would not like to hit my head with a full set of braces on my teeth.! This would be perfect way round this problem.

You don't always need a brace which is fitted to your teeth anymore either. Have you heard of invisalign-London? These are mouth aligners which you wear to adjust your smile without the 
permanent fixture of braces on your teeth. To me they look like gum guard you get when your having your whitening done but better quality and custom made. You wear these for 1-2 week then have a new set made. Until you reach your goal! You just take them out for brushing and eating. This is something I think I would consider If I had needed braces now. 

I wouldn't hesitate to Recommend to you all. 

Have you had braces? 

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