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Primark & New Bike 2016

Hi everyone, 

Sorry I have been a bit absent this last few weeks. Im back to work for the summer season and my lovely in laws were up staying with us. Without further ado here is my latest haul.

image of Carrera Zelos Womens Road Bike

I finally gave in to peer pressure and bought my first road bike. I had another one pickec out but it was far to big for me so i have gone for Carrera zelos womens road bike with a half price sale I paid £219.00 bargain. So I needed roady clip in which i got in decathalon for £25 also in the sale and some shimano peddle. have done a few ride Oh my gosh clip in are hard to get used to and yes I had a fall with them. which my hubby says is a right of passage. 

Quick run round superdrug and I grabbed the new palmolive shower gel in vanilla and chocolate. These are in between a shower gel and a gelly I think, The smell is so good you could eat them both. not every foamy but you put up with it for the smell. I needed a new concealer so thought Id try the lower end of the scale ones and I have to say i liked the MUA one over the other but it did snap when i used it.  If you have followed me for a while you will know I love maybelline baby lips.
these two are no different I love them especially the dr rescue one I had horrid chapped lips and this really sorted them up. I received this free make up bag with my purchases too.

So next up we have the good old camelbak. We are away to the Alps biking in a few weeks and my husband said i need one so it was on the list.

New biking top from the sale in halfords.

Primark bath mat I always get these cheap and functional. 
Who doent grab face wipes in primark? and I love the idea of these workout wipes for the alps
I love primark sandals the one gripe I have is I always scrap the toe on my first wear. 
These are the nicest Primark jeans I have ever owned. I never ever try on clothes in Primark i always just buy them and hope for the best. The only thing I would say is they are a bit big I should of got the 8 but everyone like room in there jeans right?
These candle are only £1 and they smell devine and have lasted ages.

Again who doen't buy sock in primark?

Checp cheap vest I thought this would be a good holiday staple top.

I love the detailing on this top

I had to have this disney top I love it! I don't normally show off my stomach but I really like this one every flattering. 

The new Britney Maui. This is the nicest Britney I have ever smelt and If you know me I love me some Britney. This is coconut fresh but sweet in all the right measures. 

What have you bought lately