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Cheeky wee Primark Haul

Hay Everyone

How are we all today?

So I was in Glasgow for my Anatomy course so whats a girl to do when in a big city I hear you ask go to Primark here's my Haul.

 As you know I have moved house and need a bath mat this was on sale at £2
 I need some new headphones for my treadmill and these where a bargain at £3
 White top with Black detailing £3 in the sale
 Love the key hole cut out on the back
 Burgundy dress with leather detail a steal at £5
 Love the back zip
 aw theres always one I love this dress and thought I picked it up In a size 10 nope its a 6. it was £5 now I Live very far away from a Primark so If any of My 6 followers would like this send me a DM on twitter and Ill post it to you. Really would love some on to get use out of this dress its so sweet.
 Love the back detail.
 Love this necklace £4
 So cute
 How nice and simple is this £2
 Love this print so spring/summer £4
 If I like something I normal buy it in different colours £4
 Im not really a blouse person as I have a large chest but I fell for the detail on this top. £6

And another cut out back.

What do you think? 

Now I was in Primark for 15minutes so I'm quite impressed with myself.

MissLJBeauty XOXO

let me know if you want the dress I dont want to bin it.

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  1. I went on a primark splurge in Edinburgh the other day, such a shame about the dress I hate that in primark half the stuff is on the wrong hangers grrr xx