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Sunday Inspirational People - Kevin Dorren Diet Chef

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I am loving writing this series every Sunday. This week I am featuring another brilliant man. Kevin Dorren the wonderful man behind the success that is diet chef. 

I am currently on diet chef and doing really well so I thought who better to feature. As you know I struggle with my weight for years and was a size 22 and now I am in between a 8 and a 10. So I know who much my life has improved by losing weight. 

 Here is the man, himself to tell us more.

About Diet Chef & Kevin's Vision

Alan & Kevin in our development kitchen

The idea

Wouldn’t it be simpler to lose weight if you had someone to prepare your food, control your portion size and count your calories? Just like a celebrity’s personal chef.
I started Diet Chef because I wanted everyone to be able to have that same advantage. No more labour intensive cooking, no more worrying about calories, no more counting points or struggling with portion size.

About Diet Chef

I am originally a chef by training and incredibly passionate about food so it’s important to me that everything you eat on Diet Chef is delicious and healthy with no nasty ingredients.
I work with Alan our Executive chef to ensure you have a great range of food to choose from with lots of new dishes and innovations.
Diet Chef has grown a lot in the last 5 years and we are now the largest diet home delivery company with over 80,000 customers, it’s been a brilliant journey.

Our moreish chicken & bean salad. Perfect for a summer lunch

Get in touch

I am so proud of everyone who has followed the Diet Chef plan and I love hearing your weight loss stories – it’s amazing the difference losing weight can make to someone’s life!
If you have any questions or you want to tell me your story email me

Good Luck!
Kevin Dorren
CEO & Head Chef

What a Great Idea and story. 

What do you think? 

MissLJbeauty xoxo

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