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Food intolerances and me!

So it's summer! 

And my body hasn't been the best it can be lately, yes it's down to me! Being lazy and my ibs taking it's told. Bad me I know. 

So I decided to have my food intolerances tested. 

I seen a deal on wowcher for £19 and couldn't pass it up. 

All I had to do was send off 6 strands of hair in a envelope with my full name, date of birth, gender and email address. 

Two days later I received my results 

Here they are .....

Some I am already aware of but some shocked me to the core. 
The boxes in red my body shouldn't have any at all ever and the yellow boxes mean these are to be avoided! 

I know I am allergic to cheese. I'm so upset that so many of my favriote food are on my intolerant list 
Turnip, potatoes, tomatos, gelatin good bye jelly baby's we had a fun few years together. 
Green grapes, oranges, turkey, pork all off it shopping list! 

So the company that tested me recommends me to not eat any of these products for two weeks then slow introduce them. To see how they affect me! 

So I am going to do this and get back to you all woth how I get on! 

Have you tried having this test done? 

Missljbeauty xoxo 

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