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My Summer Beauty tips

Hi Everyone, 

So its getting hot up here finally, So My mind has gone to my top beauty tips

1, Water, H2O what every you want to call it, Drink it remember not drinking enough not only dehydrates you and makes you feel rubbish your skin needs this to live so, top up that glass. 

2, SPF is your BFF! Get your skin protected unless you want skin damage and skin aging. 
remember your foundation mite have SPF but have you put some on the rest of your body? 

3. Working out in the heat? Take all your make up off! if you don't this will cause major spots, as the sweat and make up will clog your poor pores. Eeek

4. Get scrubbing, If you don't exfoliate your skin often, Your skin will look old and feel rough plus you will need to do this for 5

5. fake don't bake. We have all read the news sun bathing causes skin cancer, There are loads of fake tan that gives you the same out come as hours in the baking sun scorching your skin! So why risk it?

6. Remember summer is a busy time,with lots more to do, So take time out for yourself. Read that book you want to read. go for a run. eat that cake, watch endless orange is the new black, just be happy 

7. Peer pressure, Just because the sun is shine doesn't mean you have to do what your told or feel forced to do. If you don't want to go to the party don't go! If your on a drinking ban you don't have to drink! if your on a diet and are happy to be that's your choice, that cake will be there after. if your feeling bad trust your gut feeling its 99.99% accurate 

8. moisturize your poor thirsty skin. This is the biggest thing you have. it covers your body and protects you. So treat it daily to a nice treat and grab your fave oil, lotion, spray and get skin happy. 

9. Vitamins are important summer and winter. If your not a big fruit and veg fan grab some muiti vits and give your body a health glow inside and out. Your body is your machine. You should treat it like its the best thing in the world. Lets face it we want your body to be healthy for along time to come. 

10. Rest, yes the sun is up longer this does not mean you have to be. 
your Body need to recover so it needs its down time. Nothing makes you look and feel better and a good nights sleep! So many of us struggle with sleep this time of year but its important to get at least 7 hours a night. to give your body the repair time it need to process and protect you. 

So thats my top tips 
What do you think? 

MissLJbeauty xoxox


  1. I definitely need to stop being naughty and working out with make up on, I am trying to drink water LOADS lately it's giving me lots more energy xx

    1. It totally does huni, I've been a bit naughty lately to woth water x