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Me Myself and I Update- illness

So I haven't posted one of these in a while! I just wanted to fill you in on whats been happening in my life and why I might not be posting as often as I normally do. 

I have been back and fort to the doctor for the last few weeks as I have been feeling really ill. 
After what has felt like a million test. It all came down to a few things all adding up to make me really ill.

but the major reason I have been so ill is my iron levels are crazy low. Normal adults should be some where in the 250-300 range and I'm at 26. So this is what has been causing me to have major fatigue dizziness, cold hand feet and to be honest just plain shivery, along with heart palpitation and shortness of breath to name a few of the symptoms I have had. 

I am really glad I have found out what is going on with me as I have been thinking I'm imagining things. At first they though I had a under active thyroid but i don't so I'm glad as that medication for life. 

The Doctor has given me tablets which I have to take for a month to see if this put me back in to the normal zone. In females its common to lose a lot of iron naturally in your period so the doctor is hoping this is the cause if not I will have to have more test to check my gut is not bleeding. 

I also Suffer with IBS and this has caused the other symptoms. I know TMI but its true. If you would like a post on this let me know. I honestly though I was alone with what I go through with this until I could talk about it with my lovely friend who has the same condition. 

Now the other medical Decision I have to make now is ....


Contraception Yip I'm going to talk about this .. If for you this is TMI just click off and I'll see you next post!

I am currently on the pill Cilest which I have been on since about the age of 14. I have tried the injection and this was the worst thing I have ever had in my life, Not only did I have my period 5 day out of 7 but I was a crying mess most of the time!

I have tried the progestogen only pill again this was really bad the doctor I went to see didn't check my notes and this is pretty much the same as the injection. 

My doctor is pretty set on the IUS intrauterine system. as being the best thing available on the market and he pretty much sold me on it. basically I need to speak to the other doctor in my surgery who preform these and she will go through all the pros and cons. 

I am really scared of the procedure  as I have fainted whilst I had my first smear and this procedure is very similar. ( my second one was fine though) Please if you are reading this and are of smear age Please Please Please go get your test! I'm not going to harp on about why but just do 

Anyways back to me haha! The benefits to me having this sounds really appealing, Not only the contraceptives side but the fact that you should have less or no periods. I have horrid periods and pain the hold 5 to 7 days!
The IUS will keep you safe from pregnancy for 5 years! No more oh crap did I take my pill drama. My doctor say he has never come across pregnancy whilst on this but with the pill etc he has seen this loads. 
I have read so much about the cons of having this its crazy and being a bit squimish doesn't help!!
But for my life style of fitness I would love the chance of lighter or no periods at all. Choices Choice part of me is saying better the devil you know but the other part is saying Com on give it a try you can have it removed if it doesn't work out.

So that's is my dilemma 

Have you had the Mirena coil? How was it? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo