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Montagne Jeunesse Review

Hi Everyone,

How are you all today? 

I don't know if its just me but my skin is so dry at mo! So I thought I would try a wee face mask to help my poor skin.
 I have been trying Montagne Virgin olive face masque £1. I really like this and It is one of the only masks that doesn't break me out. YOU know me I'm going to talk smell this has a really unusual fresh smell that I find really relaxing,  I apply my masks in the bath and let them stay on as long as I can. I found after i washed this off my skin was so soft and the feeling lasted a few days. I really feel this helped my skin alot. 

I also tried the Aloe vera face spa £1. now the smell is not the best TBH I'm not a fan of it but for the results I will push past that. This on had me laughing as I'm not used to paper masks. But its really relaxing when its on! Yes it feel weird at first but i loved the end results nothing but hydrated and soft skin. I have to mention this again did not break me out so its a winner in my books.
Lets talk my poor wee legs and feet. 
As you know I am back to training and my feet and legs are getting a really hard time from me. Sorry legs. 

tired leg gel £5
Now as I said my legs and me are training for my first endurance mountain bike race and let set the scene for you at the weekend they not only did two full days of biking. On day two we climbed the equivalent of Ben-nevis! So are a bit sorry for themselves. 
I massaged this gel over them and what a treat it was i could feel there was menthol in it and it was just a lovely experience. This really did release some of my pain I was getting and they smell is lovely especially after a hard day. I really like this. 

foot buffer £5
My go to foot exfoliate
lets not beat around the bush my feet are taking a hard hit ATM and I love giving them some tlc. 
This has the nicest Minty scent ever! Love it. I love how it tingles and buffs my poor feet back to a lady like condition. If you work out you know how hard it is to get your feet in to a nice condition after a big weekend. this little beauty does the trick.  I use it every few days as This really keeps my feet in the best condition. 

Have you tried any of there products? 
Any recommendations for me? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo