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Where am I part 2

Hi everyone,

How are you all? 

I'm still on my holiday now in Devon with my In laws, 

here what I did 

A quite day after the big day of bike park Wales wee test track and jump line. 


Another easy day as fi's bike needed a repair so back to the jump park. 

Friday ! 
Bike park Wales day 2 

So let's start at the beginning. On my first lap of the blue I went far to fast and came off my bike 
Which flipped twice. Then I landed face down in the dirt, I must have been going about 20mph 
So was a big crash. I passed out and woke up to holty and Claire lifting my legs above my head! 
I have bent my handle bars, my garmin smashed and wreaked my breaks. Not to mention smashed my face up badly only my glasses saved me. ( I will invest in a full face helmet) my whole body is covered in cuts and bruises. 

Not to be defeated I continued my day. After a emergency dash to the bike shop to hire a full face helmet of course. Unfortunately on the next run our friend holty came off doing a 20ft jump and smashed up his collar bone so of to a & e for him. 

If you have been thinking I've been very quite I have been quite injured buy my fall and this morning went to a&e ( yip 5 days later I don't like bothering people) I have damaged my trapezius muscle on both sides and my neck from the impact. So I'm in a bit of pain so might be quite for a while to recover.
No biking for a while. On the plus side I get to buy new handle bars and you know they will be pink. 


Everyone went biking at Forest of Dean on our way to Devon but I was all stolen so me and the pups stayed in the car. 
We made it to Devon after what felt like a age on the road. To see our lovely I laws and this gorgeous pup 

Sunday was a nice quite relaxing picnic on the beach and dog walking. I couldn't manage much as I was in so much pain. 

How has your week been?
Missljbeauty xoxo 

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  1. Hope you feel better soon hun! Wishing you a speedy recover x