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My top 10 ways to relax

Hi Everyone,

How are we all today?

Summer is a very busy time for me. I have a part-time job, my own massage business and my blog to keep me busy. Throw in the fact I'm studying for a facial and make up diploma this summer and you could say I feel like I never get a minute to myself. Some times you just want a pillow to scream in Ha Ha.

This has me thinking about what do I do to relax. Here are the top ten things I do in my downtime.

1. I work out, No shock to you all there. I jump on my mountain bike with my mates and hit the trails or a quick HIIT session. Boom endorphins!

2. I read the news online from the BBC to the Daily Mail.  I know everyone does this but I find I have to read this at night to find out whats going on in the world after a busy day.

3. Hello My name is Laura and I'm a social media junkie. I love reading twitter and Instagram! I can spend hours looking at the pretty photos and reading comments on them.

4. A little known fact I like a wee flutter or two in Online Casino. I am very sensible and set myself limits. I love the thrill of playing and there such a community feel to it too.

5. I watch YouTubes! I love anything beauty related from FleurDeForce to Dr Pimple popper. My hubby has even said I know more about these people then my own friends Ha!

6. I bake. Not as often as I used to and I am defo no Tanya Burr but I try and my speciality is raspberry and coconut muffins.

7. Cuddling my two dogs. There really is nothing better than a cuddle from my hubby and my pups. I find stroking them is really soothing too. Now I am Scottish and I have always called this clapping a dog. My Hubby is English and finds this hilarious! Apparently this is a Scottish term!

8. A Bath and a hair and face mask watching the latest Netflix. Just now for me, it's my crazy ex-girlfriend. I love it! it's so cheesy that it's right up my street. I find after a long day I don't want to watch a gritty drama give me a good old chick flick type series and I'm one happy girl.

9.  Going for a walk sounds simple but I get my friend and we pound the pavement. Its free therapy we get to discuss all our worries and annoyances that we have had over the last few days and this really helps as it gives you another prospectus. There just somethings your partner will never understand and to be honest you probably don't want them to.

10. Online fantasy shopping. I go to my favourite sites and make an endless basket full of items I want. Sometimes I have no intention of buying them but just the act of shopping and browsing makes me happy. Come on how many of you have a basket like this? This was in my basket and my hubby got it for my Christmas.

So that's My Top tips what do you do?