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Nutty about butter?

Hi everyone,

I'm back on my fitness mission. Now you may or may not know I am a huge fan of
 And I am a activator of a high protein diet. So I was delighted to received these Nutty butter a new product in the myprotein range!

I am more of a grazer then a 3 meals a day person and I love a good healthy snack. I like to add theses to rice cakes or crackers for a mid morning post work out boost. They are all tasty but my favorite by a smidge is the almond butter. Theses are perfect to bulk out your smooties as well.
and added to check they are heaven to make a chicken satay. I used this cheeky chicken satay but adapted it to my taste no honey!

So why are these so good for me but tasty naughty? 

Let start with the obvious one it contains protein which any health and fitness freak will tell you is the key to staying healthy lean and fuller for longer. Healthy fats these help to regulate your cholesterol levels. Magnesium help fight tiredness and also giving a bit of a kick to your metabolic rate. 
And the one everyone forgets about Vitamin E I wont harp on about the benefit of this but it helps our heart and also helps with energy levels. 

 photo Nut butters infographic_zpszbuseukx.jpg

Tubs start at £12.99 and last forever. So Pop over and try some.
I'm putting in another order as we speak.

MissLJBeauty xox