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Monthy Faves

Hi everyone,

Oh my gosh where did the last month go?
Let's chat monthly faves!


I'm back to fitness( well kinda still having physio). So it's back to healthy food and treats! OH My the protein cookies are insanely good. I got the two flavours chocolate chip and double chocolate. They are both really nice super filling treats and perfect for having in your back pocket on a ride. The double chocolate is the best. It's melt in the mouth delish. You get the best of both worlds great taste and 10g of protein for muscle repair and recovery! £16.99 for a box All vegan and gluten free too. 

As you might have guessed I have been a bit snack happy this month and I need to mention 
Vanilla protein booster Yum Yum Yum with 13g of plant protein and a great taste this has been my work snack go too. Love the taste and it really stops me reaching for the biscuit tin. I love Pulsin whey protein isolate starting at £11.69. 

I have been making my morning smoothie with this. 
I add one coffee pod with ice a scoop of this powder and a banana and blend. If I'm super hungry I add some oats this is the perfect breakfast for on the go. It's so tasty and packed full of goodness Plus a much-needed coffee boost. 

I never really got into the whole fibre mascara thing. This is really great I am going to do a full review of this soon but I needed to let you know about it. cougar beauty products have released this amazing mascara. It gives you the same effect as false lashes but without the drama of having to apply them. Basically, the best going out mascara in the world. No more eyelash glue stuck to your hand! what more could you ask and under £20!

Fleur de force lipstick with Mac cosmetics. I have followed Fleur since her beginning and she is my favourite YouTuber so when she got to bring out a lipstick with one of my all time favourite companies I had to have it! I was really worried this was going to be a lippy I have in my collection but never use. But it has been my go to daily. I was one of those on the Mac website daily checking for it and I was very lucky to grab one. I wish I had ordered two now though as they sold out so quick.  The colour is a my lips but better nude and in creamsheen formula so not drying at all. Last ages on the lips what more could you want. 

You know I love makeup brushes and have more than I require but as a makeup artist, I can never ever have too many right? Are fast becoming my go-to brand for makeup brushes. The brushes quality is insane for the price! 

F06 This foundation /contour brush has been used daily since I got it! I sue it for powder and I have to say its heaven. It super soft and so pretty. It blends powder on your face like no other I have in my collection. I have tried it with bronzer and It really gives you the best finish on your skin. At only £13.15 Get your hands on it before they sell out. 

Let's talk about the F33 contour brush. When I first saw this I was totally like, aw another gimmick. Great that's, that's all we need. Until I got hold of it and used. This is an industry game changer brush. Where has this brush been all my contouring life?????
This makes contouring so easy. its the perfect shape for cheeks and nose contouring and the brush is soft and the quality is just above and beyond! 
I use the super pointed side for accurate contour line and flip around for blending. this went straight in to my favourite all time brushes collection! Again only £13.15 why waste your money on anything else! You will thank me if you have the chance to grab one of these. 

As you know I have tried hundreds of brow product. I feel like I am on a never ending search for a brow product. 

Until I found Fab Brows DUO I am in love with this powder! It is the best brow product I have ever tried. It last all day with no budging. 
Not even a day on the mountain bike trails moved this product. 

The little brush it comes with is amazing they have put so much thought into this product. Normally I use my own brushes but this one is so good and accurate that I didn't need to! If you love your brows, You need this in your life. My biggest problem is finding a shade for my brows. I have blond hair and I find it a really struggle as I don't want really dark brown. The light/medium is perfect and I have been using it daily and had so many compliments and only £20! Go get it!