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No Time Is No Excuse!

woman doing yoga whilst hanging washing up.

Just because you have no time, it doesn’t mean that you can get away with not exercising. It is incredibly important to get fit, no matter how old you may be, and to maintain this healthy lifestyle. And a busy work and personal schedule shouldn’t be enough to stand in your way!

But if your diary is jam-packed with various appointments and events, how exactly are you meant to stay on top of your fitness? Here are some tips that should show you a healthy and active lifestyle is possible no matter how busy you may be!

Do Yoga In Front Of A Movie
After a busy day in the office, most of us just want to get home and unwind in front of the TV. Well, why not combine that with some fitness? You will be able to do some really relaxing Yoga, or Pilates poses while you are watching your favorite movie or TV series. You can then stay fit while you are chilling out!

bottom half of man with tennis racket on lap

Take Your Work Breaks Outside
If you work in an office all day, you will find that you are sedentary most of the time. This isn’t going to do your health any good whatsoever! The best way to combat this is to take your breaks outside. Even if you only have fifteen minutes, you will still be able to squeeze a walk around the block. Then when you return, the blood will be pumping around your body, and you will find it a lot easier to concentrate at your desk.

Eat Positively
Eating a poor diet while working at a desk all day is a recipe for a health disaster! So, you need to think positively when you prepare a packed lunch for work. Prepare healthy salads and hearty soups as these will fill you up but won’t bloat you. It’s also worth thinking about some fat burners as these can help you burn calories while you are sitting at your desk. These metabolism-boosting supplements will be very effective when taken as part of a nutritious diet.

soup and pie on table looking healthy and clean

Do Combo Workouts
If you only have less than half an hour for your workouts, it’s worth doing a combo workout. These are exercises that combine a number of different moves and positions, and they will target different parts of the body. Most combo workouts are strength training exercises, but you will be able to work some cardio in there as well. For example, jump squats are a great way to get your pulse racing while also strengthening your leg muscles!

Work At The Treadmill
Do you get bored pounding the treadmill? Why not do some work at the same time! You could read some important contracts or do some marking if you are a teacher. If you don’t feel comfortable working while working out, you might just want to bring a book so you can read that while you are busy exercising!

As you can see, having too much to do is no excuse for not working out. There are plenty of ways to sneak in some exercising!