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Organise Your Home to Claim More Space

Many people are feeling the pinch for space at home right now. We’re working from home, kids are schooling from home, or we’re just all furloughed and trying to get along as best we can.

It’s tough for lots of us and feeling cramped doesn’t help. But looking on the bright side, now is a good time to reorganise things, while the spotlight is on the home. a clean and bright home is a happy one right? 

Clearing Some Clutter
Not many people can boast about having no clutter, but most of us would rather have less of it. You can cut down on the number of possessions on show by making more use of storage furnishings.

Good clutter-busters include occasional tables or coffee tables with lift-up lids or drawers and shelves underneath. They’re great for stashing away those little living room things such as TV remotes, phone chargers and cables, games controllers and spare batteries. Shelves under the surface can help keep magazines or books tidy and together, which can also help with keeping schoolbooks together if you have kids at home.

For toys, investing in a couple of storage tubs or a toy box makes for quick tidy ups.

In bedrooms, storage beds (think divans and ottoman styles) offer lots of space for all kinds of things from spare bedding and towels to toys and games in children’s bedrooms.

When you’re looking at ways of bringing more storage into the home, don’t forget the vertical space. Walls are often overlooked. Add some shelves all around the house to create extra space, whether you’re looking for somewhere for books and ornaments, or need more space in the bathroom for beauty and hygiene products.

Why not think about adding a couple Reina heated towel rails in your bathroom to hang towels to dry on. Not only do these look good but they will dry towels in no time letting you tidy them away faster. 

Sort Out Wardrobes
Having a clear and organised wardrobe can do wonders for clearing mental clutter as well as making it easier to find the clothes you need for the day ahead.

These days, an approach to wardrobe organisations that’s gaining popularity is to only keep something in your closet if you’re using it. Use self storage for out of season clothing, so it staying pristine until it’s needed again.

It makes a huge difference when your summer clothes aren’t mixed in with heavy coats and your sandals aren’t hogging your boot space.

With the extra space, you get from a storage room, it’s also easier to hang onto items you might otherwise be tempted to ditch. From outgrown children’s clothes you might want to hand down to younger siblings, to fashion items you’re not sure about keeping, self-storage means you don’t have to make a decision you might later regret.

You can keep everything, and only part with things when you’re completely sure you no longer need or want them.

The other advantage is that items take on a new lease of life when you haven’t seen them for a while. Kids suddenly love old toys again, clothes seem fresh and new when you rediscover past favourites, and everything stays in great condition because you can give it the space it needs.

Home Working or Schooling
Create a workstation so you can get the psychological benefit of going to work or going to school, even if you’re just moving from one end of the room to the other.

If you have a spare bedroom, make it more office-like by putting beds into a self storage unit to make room for a desk. When the situation changes and you no longer need a home office, you then still have important guest furnishings for when visitors are allowed.

If, like lots of people, you’re trying to carve home-working space out of shared rooms, creating a barrier of kinds can help a lot.

Put up shelves over the computer so you have somewhere for printer paper and other peripherals. Turning a bookcase out from the wall makes a handy, instant, room divider. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a small bookcase; just having that unusual furniture placement reminds everyone that behind that area is the workplace. Use the shelves for text or reference books so they’re handy for research or fact-finding.

Small changes can make a big difference. Maybe a self storage room would revolutionise your home life, but maybe all you really need is to rethink your living space and home storage.

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