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Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt Review and unboxing

Well, today I have an exciting product to talk about.  This is a product I have always wanted to try and I am so happy I have had the opportunity to have one and give it a good test. I have the pleasure to try a Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt. I am going to tell you my first impression and a review. 

But first I need to explain why I want to try Slendertone. I am at my fittest I have ever been. My journey with fitness is different from most people. Let me explain in case you are new to my blog. I was once a UK size 22/24. I lost 7 and a half stone and got down to a size 8/10. My weight then fluctuated a bit to a size 12 and I went through some mental health issues and my fitness suffered. I then started to get into mountain biking and my new found love of fitness began. 

In the last two years, I really upped my fitness and I am as I said in the best shape of my life. I cycle a minimum of 100 miles a week and I can see the benefits to my body and health. After years of weight loss, I have been left with a very strange stomach. I am in need of some major toning in this area and I have heard so many good things about the Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt that I knew I wanted to give this a go. I also want to strengthen my core and get strong for the downhill mountain biking season this year. 

Now you understand a bit more about me you will understand why I really want to find something to help me on my fitness journey. 

The Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt unboxing

I was overwhelmed with the quality of the device and the packaging. It was really nicely packaged and we all know I love some well thought out packaging. I really like how the packaging is also used as the information leaflet which I think is great as it minimised any excess items in the box. 

In the box along with instructions printed on the packaging of course. 

1 x Connect Abs toning belt.

1 x Rechargeable controller 

1 x Gel toning pads

1 x Charging cable

1 x Storage bag

Once I had unpacked the box I popped the abs unit on to charge and downloaded the Slendertone app. This app is available on iPhone and Android. 

The Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt

So what is it? The Slendertone body toning devices use Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to replicate regular exercise, resulting in stronger, firmer and more toned muscles. It has been medically proven to work and is FDA cleared with proven results. Slendertone has been in business for over 50 years making the best and most innovative technology. 

Slendertone makes their devices and programs for healthy on the go people.  So active people like you and me. It takes just 30 minutes a day to help you look and feel great and get in shape. The device delivers 200 ab contractions in just 30 minutes each day. 

It has 5 toning programs that can be used while you are exercising or even relaxing including post-natal tummy toning, essential and advanced core workouts and maintaining fitness. So this is right up my street. It is unisex and it also offers an intensity of 1 to 100 so there is a level that is right for you and there is always room for growth. 

The toning belts exercise all 4 of the abdominal muscles: transversus and rectus abdominis (the six pack) and the internal and external oblique muscles, using our patented three gel pad placement. 

Within the app, you have access to personalised coaching and motivation. I love this as I do like to follow a program and be motivated to keep going. There is a progress tracker in the app too so you can really see how you are improving and this helps to keep me on top of the game. 

The stats ( we all know I love some interesting facts.) 

Clinical research with Slendertone Products have consistently revealed the following user derived benefits following Slendertone EMS training:

100% of users reported their abdominal muscles felt firmer and more toned after 6 weeks

92% of users felt that the firmness and strength of their ab muscles have increased.

Powerful EMS ab toning belt delivers deep, wide-ranging muscle contractions to tone, firm and strengthen your ab muscles

How it fits on 

Unique, ergonomic design to fit your body shape and curves for ultimate comfort and effective compression
First, placing the Gel Pads on the Ab Belt. Choose between Small, Medium and Large according to your size
Remove and Keep the Slendertone Branded Plastic Covers. You’ll need these at the end of your session
Centre the middle Gel Pad on the belt directly centred over your navel
Place the sides of the ab belt over your oblique muscles or as close as possible
Secure the Velcro snug around your waist
The Slendertone app

Wow, this is so handy this walks you through the whole set up process. I have taken a couple of screenshots to show you. 

First, you have to sign up for your account which is very straightforward and easy to do. 
It asks you about some lifestyle and goal setting questions. 

Then it will recommend a program for you. This is mine a six-week program which I will do 5 days a week for 30 minutes per session. 
I also love that there is an option to set daily reminders so you won't forget to do your toning. 

I took my computer unit off charge and placed it into the belt. Which is so simple. Now I had to connect my toning belt to the app and this was so straight forward just a click of the unit. and just like that, I was ready to start my first Slendertone Abs Connect toning program. 

My first session
It is a hard sensation to describe it is like a tingling that contracts your muscle. It is not in any way painful. I know I was worried about that but there is no pain what so ever. It is just an unusual feeling of contraction. My program starts more gently and moves to more intense as time goes on. It kind of feels like when you do a sit up. I like that even though you are recommended a program you have full control over how intense you want to have the session you can either turn it up or down via the belt its self of via the app. I really like that I am in control at all times. I really enjoyed my first session. 

I have been using the Slendertone for over a week now and I am already feeling stronger in my core and my stomach feels tighter and looks more toned. I am so excited to continue my Slendertone journey and see the benefits and the physical difference in my body. I definitely think this is for you if like me you are looking to really tone your stomach area. 

I have used mine on my cool down from a workout, on my turbo trainer and when sat on the couch on a rest day. It really is so easy to includes in my life. I actually really look forward to my ab training now too. 

I would defiantly recommend you to give Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt. I will let you know how my journey goes with my Slendertone. 

I really hope you have enjoyed this review post. 

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