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3 Reasons You Should Think Twice About Getting Plastic Surgery Abroad

Thousands of Brits travel out of the country every year to undergo plastic surgery, and it does have a few benefits. Some countries have developed certain expertise with specific procedures, and you could make savings by going abroad. However, many things can go wrong and the savings you make might be offset by your cost of travelling and lodging. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why you should think twice about getting plastic surgery done in another country.

Recovery and Follow-Ups

This is one of the most overlooked factors when people decide to go outside of the country for plastic surgery. They often don't realise that there could be complications and that they may have to stay longer than expected. Then there's the issue of follow-up visits and corrective procedures. You will usually have to go back to see the surgeon for a follow-up or multiple appointments after the procedure. This means that you'll need to book more than one trip. 

You may also realise later on that you don't like the results and want to get corrective work done. But some surgeons will flat out refuse to work on somebody who got a botched job, especially if it was done abroad, so you may have trouble finding someone who will agree to work with you.

You’ll Be Safer if You Stay at Home

It’s usually better to get the procedure done by a local doctor for many reasons. One of the biggest ones is that you’ll be better able to verify their licensure and will have better recourse in case anything goes wrong. You also won't have to worry about things like travel health insurance not covering things you expected it would.

You also shouldn’t assume that all medical facilities in that country are as good as your chosen doctor’s office. They might have great installations, but you might get an unpleasant surprise if you have to go to a state or private facility if there are complications.

Do yourself a favour and go with a reputable local plastic surgery clinic that has a long verifiable track record. If you are looking for one, you should check out the Bella Vou clinic in Kent. They are one of the best plastic surgery clinics in the country and you’ll feel completely safe in their hands. They can perform everything from facelifts, to eyelid surgeries, and all sorts of intrusive and non-intrusive cosmetic procedures.

The Savings Are Not Always Great

If you consider the weeks you'll have to stay in the destination and all that comes with it, the savings might not be worth it. You'll have to stay there for one or a few weeks and pay for lodging and food the whole time. Not to mention that you may not be able to earn during that period. These are all things you have to take into consideration when factoring in the total costs of your procedure.

Before you assume that getting plastic surgery abroad is the best option for you, look at all the implications that come with it. Make an informed decision and make sure that you have your numbers down before you go.

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