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Most Popular Delonghi Coffee Machine Models For Your Home During 2021

If 2021 is the year you finally invest in a high-quality coffee machine then Delonghi is a brand you should at least explore first. In this guide, we’re showing you the very best models out there and the popular choices for people to install either within their homes or in their workplaces.

Delonghi coffee machines cover many different areas of the market, from pad machines to full bean to cup coffee machines. We’ve explored the brand in some detail.

Did you know that Delonghi has its roots back in the 20th century? Though they have some of the most popular machines bought in 2021, some of these have been in the making for decades as the brand was started in the 1970s. The brand is proud of their “Italianity” and they say this is one of the most important values they hold. Italian coffee has a rich history so you can see why Delonghi focuses on this.

The brand has an amazing history with making espresso. The espresso-based drinks can be shorts or they can be the basis of barista-style drinks like cappuccino and lattes. The bean to cup products in their list can make loads of different drinks in all sorts of different styles. You can customize many different aspects of the drink. As well as having some high-end coffee machines, some Delonghi coffee machines are relatively affordable, too.

On to some of the most popular machines in their range.

Delonghi PrimaDonna Class ECAM

If you like gadgets and you’re not afraid to pay for the extra functionality then the PrimaDonna range could be idea for you. This is one of the products in their range that can link to an app made by the brand. It’s called Coffee Link, and it means you can start brewing from your desk or even from your bed if you want. It stores user profiles and you can even tweak things like the milk ratios. The smart functionality adds to the cost, but it can be a very cool way to use technology in your kitchen or even in the office.

Things that you can alter in the drinks include the size, strength and temperature of the drink. There are also 11 preset recipes to work from. You don’t have to be a tech whizz to get your cup of coffee in the morning.

Coffee machine Delonghi EC230

It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular coffee machines on the market. You’ll definitely struggle to find many competing options at the same price. It allows people to enjoy barista-style drinks at home, as it even comes with a milk frother.

This model uses pre-ground coffee, which suits people who want a home preparation method and don’t have a grinder. It’s also so small and lightweight so you can put it in your office or even take it to a holiday home. It’s got the capacity to make two drinks at a time, great if you are entertaining.

It’s a stylish-looking product, so while it will take up some space on your kitchen counter, it doesn’t matter too much in terms of how this looks. You can also use a variety of mugs, as you can just remove the drip tray if you want to use a bigger cup.

Delonghi Perfecta Evo ESAM 420.40.B

A coffee machine with a name like “Perfecta” has a lot to live up to. This Delonghi coffee machine is a bean to cup model and this means it grinds and prepares the coffee for you. Just give it a source of coffee beans, milk, and water. The Perfecta Evo is a full range by Delonghi and they have become popular for both homes and workplace.

It has a simple screen layout and allows you to just tap the drink you want. It gets to work making your favourite style of coffee. Because of the fact that it is one of the easiest Delonghi coffee machines to use it is popular in locations where you want to let people help themselves like in a workplace or even a waiting room. It has simple auto-cleaning and maintenance functions, too, like the automatic descale.

You can make all the drinks you would expect, including barista-style. You can even batch brew up to 750ml, perfect to take a carafe of coffee into a meeting.


In 2021, and beyond, Delonghi looks set to continue to push the envelope and create some amazing coffee machines whether you prefer an affordable home model or you are looking to pull out all the stops and serve coffee from a bean to cup coffee machine in your restaurant or other business. The Delonghi models above are very popular and cover a wide range of the coffee market, from affordable models to the more expensive and elite machines. There’s something for everyone.

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