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How to turn your bathroom into a spa

The bathroom can be a room in your house that can get overlooked. It can be a place of function and not relaxation. A place to get clean and ahem use the toilet and get out. I am forever seeing beautiful bathrooms on Pinterest. Your bathroom should be a place you can destress and enjoy the experience of being in there. Not a place to get in and get out as fast as possible. 

There are many things we can all do to turn our bathroom into a more spa-like place no matter what size of bathroom you have. Today we are going to talk about how to go from a cluttered bathroom to a bathroom fit for being the pampering palace you deserve. 

women in bath in luxury spa

1. Declutter

There is no way around it any bathroom transformation must start with getting rid of your clutter. We are all guilty of holding on to items for too long. Whether that be that really expensive shampoo you splurged on that you hate but can't bear to get rid of or that gift set your mother-in-law gave you at Christmas three years ago you still haven't used. It is time to declutter these items. 

Most products have a use-by date and they are not as long as you might think. So it is worth checking the bottle and if it is too far out it's time to let it go. 

Another great way to get rid of products you don't like is to have a product swap with a friend or two and give each other the products. This way you all get new products to try. It's a great excuse for a catch up too. 

2. The shower

You have been complaining about the shower for years. It has no pressure, it leaks it's just not working. So why are you putting up with it? It's time to make the investment and get the shower of your dreams. Let's face it we all spend a lot of time in the shower in our lifetime so why are we putting up with it? 

Insignia Showers have the best steam showers on the market are super affordable and are heaven to use. It is funny the things we make a priority and the things we put to the back of the list. I think it is time we made our bathroom and showers a priority. No more boring showers for us no we are going to shower like we are in a luxurious spa retreat every day. So it is time to upgrade that old not fit-for-purpose shower and get a shower people will be jealous of. 

 3. Towels

This is another area that most people let slide. I am guilty of this. I need to upgrade my towels desperately. I grabbed a towel yesterday and am embarrassed to say I must be at the bottom of my towel piles as the towel was very old and covered in bleach. 

But no more am I putting up with that.  I am going to invest in some lovely soft cotton bath towels. I want to have spa towel vibes as soon as I step out of the shower. Because we are worth it. I want to feel like I am stepping into a soft fluffy marshmallow and I want this for you too. No more old bleached towels for me, 

4. Atmosphere

Now bear with me here. We are going for a spa experience so I suggest getting the following. 

  • A waterproof speaker to listen to relaxing music
  • Nice candles Aldi's Jo Malone dupes are lovely and 10% of the cost. 
  • Headband to keep the hair out of your face and help stop it from getting wet. 
  • Nice air freshener this one is a bit obvious
  • Bathroom storage is a must hide away all the untidy bottles and let's see the clean spaces. 

5. The products

Now let's talk products. It is time to really think about your routine. We are talking about the spa routine. This is what you like to do to relax not what you read about that other people do to relax. This is all about you. 

Are you a face and hair mask person? Do you like a nice hot bath with bath salts? Really think about what makes you happy. Some people hate baths and for some people, it is their idea of heaven. Something just getting the right products can help with the whole bathing experience. Products are important. If you like a product you will use it if you don't you won't. Just because it is the latest must-have doesn't mean you need it. Buy what you like and make makes you feel good. 

I always recommend having a bath every now and then. I am a qualified sports masseuse. The benefits of a nice warm bath on aching muscle is incredible. I recommend Epsom salts in as warm water as you can handle and relax your body in here for at least 30 minutes. This is good for the body and mind. Pop on some nice relaxing music, and let your mind rest and your body relax. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has helped you to transform your bathroom into a spa-like environment. 

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