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5 Tips to the best holiday in Ibiza

I think we are in desperate need of a holiday this year. The weather in the UK is miserable at best and depressing at worst. Last summer saw fewer sunny days than the year before and we are all looking for a break with sun, sea and fun, right?

Ibiza is known as the white isle due to its beautiful white building and endless beaches. It really is a paradise with turquoise waters that lap its stunning shores. It has everything, from beautiful medieval forts to some of the world's best restaurants, to its fun nightclubs and water sports. There is something on the Island for everyone.

Today we are going to talk about the 5 tips you need to know before you head to Ibiza this summer.

stunning white sandy beach in ibiza

1. Flights

There are a lot of flight options when travelling to Ibiza. The airport of Ibiza is called Aeroport d'Eivissa. It is a big modern airport offering a range of flights from numerous airlines. These range from Easyjet to British Airways and there is an option for every budget. But my tip is to get as early a flight as you can on the way out and as late a flight on the way back, this gives you an extra day in Ibiza.

To save some money, try opting for hand luggage only. You can get an amazing hand luggage case you can fit so much in nowadays. You can buy cheap toiletries when you are out there. Plus no chance of your luggage going missing if it is with you on your flight. This also saves so much time at the airport. More time to get into your holiday and less time waiting in baggage halls.

2. Hotel

Ibiza is a popular island and so it should be. It is beautiful and has weather we Brits can only dream of. It has every type of accommodation you could ever want, from high luxury to hostels. Ibiza has you covered. But it can be hard to find a hotel where you can actually believe the reviews. Not to worry, I got you covered.

If you are looking for an adult-only break I recommend booking an adult-only hotel. My personal pick is Invisa Es Pla. This is a lovely 3-star hotel. It is only a few meters from the beach and offers room-only, bed and breakfast or half-board meal options. It also has free Wifi, which will keep your phone bill down too.

Invisa Es Pla offers a late breakfast which runs from 0800 to midday. Come on, how many times have you missed breakfast from having a lazy morning and had to pay for breakfast out of the hotel? This is such a lifesaver to be able to have breakfast late. There are two pools, a gym and even a sports court if you fancy a game of tennis or football. So you are covered for daytime activities.

Did I mention this is a super purse-friendly hotel too? You might want to treat yourself to an upgraded room too. They are stunning and not much extra but you get a lot more features and amenities.

If you have managed to take advantage of my flight tip above, I would recommend booking a late checkout on your last day. Make sure you maximise your stay in Ibiza as much as possible.

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3. Activities

Ibiza has every type of activity you could ever want. From watersports to scuba diving to paragliding to boat parties to fine dining to historical trips. This might be the party island but Ibiza is so much more than the club and nightspots. It really is a wonderful place to visit and experience all that really is special about Ibiza.

But whilst we are talking about activities, Do Not Buy from people offering you tickets on the streets. Why do people wonder how they were scammed by a shady-looking person who was offering club tickets for a fraction of the price when you know they are sold out everywhere? Just like in the UK, if it sounds too good to be true it is.

Speak to your hotel receptionists, they are the best people to point you in the right direction regarding where to get your tickets for the big nights in Ibiza. This goes for everything, from big DJ club nights to watersports. Please do not give people your money without thinking through the consequences. It's your money, don't just give it away.

4. Food

Oh, my word, the food in Ibiza is divine. No matter what type of holiday you are going on, from relaxing to partying, there is no getting away from the amazing quality and amount of options of food in Ibiza.

My biggest tip for eating out in Ibiza if you are on a budget is to book full or half board, this will save you money in the long run. Having your meals or some of your meals paid for in advance can save you so much time and money on any holiday, but with Ibiza being popular, it can get pricey in places.

But with that being said, if you are looking to eat out at one of the many incredible restaurants, then my biggest tip is to book one meal in Cafe Del Mar at sunset. This is an Ibiza classic and I can tell you It is one I have done personally and I loved it. I have really fond memories of eating good food, drinking fabulous drinks and watching the sunset in Ibiza. It is one of those memories that everyone should have. Yes, it is on the pricier side but it is definitely worth it.

5. Hippy Markets

If you are looking for a more authentic souvenir from Ibiza, you must head to the Las Dalias market in San Carlos. It is Open on Sundays but with more days added in the summer season. so check opening days with your hotel.

This tends to be busier as the sunset with more stalls opening in the afternoon as the temperatures get cooler. This is a classic hippy market and has everything you could wish for, from handmade clothing to jewellery to musical instruments. You can even get a relaxing massage or how about some palm reading?

Not to worry if you are feeling peckish, there is a range of foods available from Tapas to homemade pizza to exotic teas and sweet treats. There is even a DJ.

I highly recommend adding a trip here to your holiday. You will have a wonderful experience even if you just have a walk around and bask in the atmosphere. It is not the done thing to haggle here but it is perfectly acceptable to look around for a better price. Do remember that items at this market can be one-of-a-kind items so if you like something and you don't buy it you can't guarantee it will still be there when you return it.

I hope you found these tips really helpful and that you have a wonderful trip to Ibiza.

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