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Why your next holiday needs to be a cruise

Hi everyone. 

How are you all? 

Well, the year is coming in fast, isn't it? Have you booked this years holiday yet? Today I want to tell you why your next holiday should be a cruise. I feel like alot of people overlook cruises as a holiday choice and I have not idea why? I think they are amazing and the ultimate adventure. Here are 8 reasons you need to book an all inclusive cruise holiday as your next trip. 
cruise ship in the blue sky and calm water
1. The destinations. A cruise gives you the most variety and bang for your buck. From cruising around the Caribbean to seeing the wonders of the world. Where do you want to go? Is Venice on your bucket list? Why not see Venice and the amazing dalmatian coast all in one trip? Or is the Arctic more your style? Why not go for a cruise past some polar bears? If there is water around the area you want to go there will be a cruise to suit you.  
Expedition Corner Suite
2. A cruise is the only holidays that lets you discover new places. Whilst going back to a luxury room every night. No need to pack or move your belonging as they are all safely in your cabin waiting for you. The cabins themselves are luxury like staying in a high-class hotel.  You can expect lavish rooms with decor expertly selected by the best interior designers. Your room has everything you could need plus more. You will be more than taken care of in your cabin. 
chefs preparing five star meals
3. The food. Everyone has the image of the captain's table on a cruise and this is true but there are so much more than this. If you are a foodie, you will be in heaven. Most ships have a huge range of restaurants, coffee shops and snack bars. They all serve a massive range of dishes and flavours. Don't worry if you have less indulgent taste buds. There will be an option for you. You will be well catered from with culinary flavours from around the world serviced in the nicest restaurants. You will forget you are even onboard a ship and think you are in food heaven. 

4. The service. If you are into the best service in the world. You will love the whole cruise experience. Cruise staff are known to be the best in the hospitality business. From your morning expresso to your favourite cocktail you will be taken care off. Nothing is too much hassle. This is a level of service that you will not find anywhere else. 

5. Onboard. Where do we start? From onboard wave pools, ice rinks to cinemas and theatres. You name it there is a cruise ship with it? if you are looking for a family-friendly holiday, you will need to check out Disney cruises. Imagine a Disney theme park on the sea. It really is a Disney dream adventure with the family. Everything you expect from Disney plus more. From the Disney characters meals to show and entertainment. Every Disney fan is taken care off. Whilst floating around the Caribbean islands. 

What about leaving the children behind and heading off on an adults-only cruise? What do YOU want to do on the holiday? Do you want an adventure? Why not go swimming with sharks on one of your island hopping trips? Or what about relaxation? Most ships have world-renowned spas. With the best and most advanced therapists. There really is something on board to keep everyone happy even the fussiest person. Which makes it the perfect choice for any couple. You can choose to spend the day together or days apart and meet for dinner. You are in complete control. Whatever your holiday style. 
ballet dancer doing swan lake on cruise ship
6. The entertainment. If you like theatre or shows. A cruise is the place for you. Why not end a day of exploring new cultures and heritages with a world-renowned show? From Mamma mia on Royal Caribbean to The BBCs frozen planet on American Line. Fancy the ballet? why not dress up and watch the best ballerinas perform for you. Ballet not for you? How about the Circus de Soleil or a Shakespeare play. Every cruise ship offers world-class entertainment for everyone. 

Not into shows? What about a casino or heading to a club and dancing the night away? Not your style head to the piano lounge for a cocktail before bed. Need a slower pace of life on holiday? head to your luxury room to read your favourite book with a nightcap. The option is yours. There are so many options that you will not be able to do them all on your stay. What a great excuse to do more than one cruise holiday right?

So night time is covered What about during the day? From cookery lessons to Yoga on the sun deck. Your day can be fully booked when you are onboard. Head to the spa and get pampered from head to toe or learn how to surf. There is a cruise ship for you. You can be as busy or as laid back as you like. Heaven for all the family. 
relaxing by the pool on a cruise
7. The water. If like me you are a water baby. I have grown up on boats and I love them. There is nothing like the feeling of the sea air in your hair to make you feel alive. There is no other feeling in the world like being on a huge ship in the middle of the ocean to make you reevaluate your life and make you see the big picture. 

8. The price. Now there is a huge misconception that cruises are very expensive and not available to everyone. This could not be further from the truth. There is a cruise to suit every budget. From the modest budget to the indulgent. There is a destination and a ship to suit your individual requirements. You just need to go and discover your perfect cruise and make memories that last forever. 

I hope, I have given you plenty of food for thought. I think a cruise is a perfect way to see the world. I hope to see you onboard one day.