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5 things to update to change your kitchen

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Today I want to talk kitchens. The Kitchen is the heart of every home. You spend a lot of time in there staring at the wallpaper, don't you? I want to share with you the top things, you can alter which will completely change your kitchen into the one you are dreaming off. Let's face it you have to see it all the time so why not make it your ultimate kitchen. 

1. The layout. Let's start with the basics. If the layout isn't working, Why are you living with it? We can all become complacent when it comes to our homes. The whole it will do mentality. But why? Changing things will not only make the room more useable and practical. It will also make it worth more when you want to sell it. So you will not lose out on the money you are just adding to your investment. 

The best thing to do is sit with a pad of paper and draw out your room as if nothing was inside. How do you see your kitchen working? Do you like a kitchen island or units all the way around? Design your space for you. Sometimes you have to spend money to have a better quality of life and I think a nice designed kitchen is one of those areas. 

2. Worktops. Kitchen worktops are not only a focal point in the room but they are a practical element. This is not somewhere you want to scrimp and save. I personally love The marble store they stock the most gorgeous range of marble, granite and Silestone worktops.  Which can all be made to measure and come in a huge variety of colours.  I know the worktops is one of the first things I look at when I enter any kitchen. You need it to be quality and last the test of time and these defiantly will do that. While looking amazing at the same time.  

3 The units. In an ideal world, you would completely change the unit but if this is not an option for you. You can easily paint your existing units or what about change the doors to a new style and design. This is a simple way to update any kitchen. It will completely change the room. One of the other options is to change the handles on the units. This can make a huge impact on the look of the units and is so cheap to do. You can get door handles on eBay for a bargain.

4. Appliances. Nothing dates a kitchen faster than the appliances you have. Come on the 80s and early 90s go hand in hand with awful white kitchen appliances. You know the ones. Big white and bulky. Every home had them. Thank goodness we now have a huge choice of colour and brands to choose from. There are so many available from the classic smeg looking items to new digital appliances which can be controlled via your phone. There really is something for every kitchen style and taste. So why not update to something new? 

5. The walls. Here is where your creativity can come into the kitchen. It is super simple to repaint a room and to change the whole feeling and atmosphere. There is nothing to say you can not have a bit of something different in your kitchen. Why not experiment with colour and textures? The great thing about walls is you can always repaint them. I know a friend who changed the colour in her kitchen twice a year. She has a nice rich warm colour in winter and vibrant bright colour in summer. Who says you have to have the same all year round? The choice is yours.

I hope you found this interesting and gave you food for thought. Why not change up your kitchen and make it work for you. It is the heart of your home so do it your way. 

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photos of what to update in your kitchen