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My bucket list trip to Rome

Hi everyone, 

How are you today?

I want to talk to you about one of my Bucket list trips. I have been obsessed with Rome since as long as I can remember. What I really want to do is A private tour of Rome. This is the ultimate trip to take before I die bucket list item for me. We all have one and Rome is mine.

The reason I want a private tour is, I love to find out things not everyone knows. I feel if you have a personal tour guide you get more information than going anywhere on your own. I love to find out local information like the best places to eat and history that not everyone knows. It is a better experience all round. You can ask as many questions as you want with out feeling embarrassed. Which you know I will as I love to learn. 

I want to show you my top 4 things that I want to do and see in Rome. Which should help you fall even more in love with the wonderful city and maybe start your trip planning? Why not add Rome to your own travel schedule? You know you will not be disappointed and here is why. 
Rome Vatican city

1. The Vatican. 
This is no shock to you I'm sure. I love history and You know I will spend a long time enjoying Vatican City in all its glory. I can not wait to walk around the buildings and just breath in the culture. The Vatican has always intrigued me. Its the smallest state in the world. It home to the Catholic Church and It has wonderful museums. Not to mention It Houses one of the world most important people. The pope. Whether you are religious or not you can agree he is one influential man. The Vatican has been a huge part of making world history over the years. It is home to world renown painting and artefacts. I am far too excited to go here. I will be there in a heartbeat. I will need a lot of time for this part of the trip. I love to learn and read everything I can in museums so My husband will have to prepare for a long day. 

You can not go to Rome without seeing the Colosseum. There are so many inserting facts about this building. You are flooded with images of gladiators in their armour fighting and training but there is so much more to the area. It was once a water source for the surrounding villages before the great fire of Rome. It was built with funds from the great Jewish revolt. The stone used for the building was carried from Tivoli which is 20 miles away. Can you even imagine that? It was not all plain sailing for the Colosseum. It has seen its fair share of troubles and fire. It is amazing we have anything left to visit today. I have been to Ephesus in Turkey and this is where my obsession with going to Rome and the roman era really started
Romes The travi fountains on sunny day

3. The Travi fountain. 
I know no trip to Rome is complete without seeing the Travi fountain in its splendour. The Instagrammer in me is compelled to get a photo in front of the most famous fountain in the world But the history geek in me wants to spend time just absorbing the surroundings. I also really like the urban legend that if you throw a coin in the fountain, you will return to Rome in the future. I will be throwing a couple coins to make sure I get to return. What you never know it could be real. Did you know that over £2500 per day is thrown in the Travi fountain? That's a lot of people wanting to return to Rome one day. That like the best review you could ever get right?
itailan restaurant in summer with check table clothes

4. The food and wine. 
Everyone knows that Italy has world-class food and I can not wait to go to some of the nicest restaurants and cafes in Rome. There is nothing quite like real Italian food served in an authentic Roman restaurant. Or so I am told. I have been to Venice and I can not wait to sample more Italian food. I am a huge lover of pasta and pizza.  I can honestly say you have not experienced Italian food until you have been to Italy. It just tastes so much better. 

Italian ice cream. Now I need to get this out the way. I am not an Ice cream fan But when I travelled to Venice I fell in love with real Italian ice cream and nothing has ever compared to it. You know I will be searching for the best ice cream in Rome. 

I have to make a mention of Italian wine. I love Italian Rose. It is delicious and my wine of choice. I am hoping to enjoy a glass or two on our trip. Whilst sitting in a gorgeous Roman restaurant overlooking some fabulous sights. 

I can not wait to make my trips to Rome. There are so many more things I want to see and do but I will leave that for a blog post.  I hope this has helped you to plan a trip to Rome and go immerse yourself in all things, Roman. 

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