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Why tyres are the most important thing on your car.

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Today I want to talk about our cars. I have had the misfortune of driving around London. London is the most congested city in the country and it is a nightmare to drive around. I have family just outside London so we travel there alot. My husband grew up in the area. Wow, my eyes were opened whilst driving in this part of the country. As you may know, I did my time as a police officer and I want to give you some tips on how to look after your car especially your tyres if you live in and around London.
car tyre from the back so you can see the tread

First, let's chat the basics. What is between you and the road? Your tyres. I was in complete shock when I saw how many cars are driving around London with awful tyres. I will always remember learning about car safety in police college. The one thing that stuck with me is this. 
between you and the road is four tyres. Which has a surface grip area of a cd case. That is it! That is what is keeping you on the road. When you put that into perspective that is not alot is it. Four CD cases keeping you on the road. That is all that is keeping you firmly in place. It makes me really focus on tyre safety. 

With that, in mind. Do you know how to check your tread on a tyre? Do you know what would make a tyre illegal? Now that we know how important your tyres are.  First, get on to eBay and order a tyre tread gauge. They are cheap and worth it. Normal car tyres are sold with 8mm of thread on them. They all have a wear bar to find this run your hand around the edge of the tread. You will feel a bump this is your wear bar and this should not be the same as the thread on the tyre. If you feel that your old tyres need replacements, there are many professional garages to get help from. For example, to find tyres in London, you can book online now from DAT TyresThe legal limit is 1.6mm of tread in the central 3/4 of the tyre. The guide if you do not have a gauge is to use a 20p coin. As it has a 1.6mm edge. 

It is also not legal to drive your car if any of the following is true
1. You have cuts or gouges or bulges in your tyre.
2. There is abnormal wear. Ie one side is wearing faster than the other. 
3. No wire to be showing.
4. It must be the right tyre for your vehicle.
5. The tyre must be correctly inflated for your vehicle. (you can find this in your owner's guide) 

Yes, it is illegal to drive with any of these issues. But not only can you get points on your licence and hefty fines. These problems can cause you to have a collision. Yes, this is the worst case scenario but it can also cost you more in fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear. 

There really is no excuse now to not check your tyres and make sure you and your family are safe on the road. 

I hope this is helpful.