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My favorite fitness accessories and snacks.

If you have been following me for a while you will know I am kinda into my fitness. I go to the gym three times a week and mountain bike as much as I can. I get asked alot about my favourite fitness accessory and snacks so I thought I would start doing a post every few weeks with my favourites and must-haves. 

Boom new wireless head phones on pink back ground

boom wireless headphones folded
miiego boom rose gold in black £159.

These are the best headphones I have ever owned. 
Where to start. They are the perfect training partner. They have been designed with us woman in mind. They are not only the best sound quality, I have ever had in a headphone but they are the comfiest.  I have a small head. I know the weird fact. But I do and these stay on my head. This is the first headphone I have had that do not slip off my head. They look gorgeous. I love the thought that has been put into these buy the people at Miiego. The Boom headphones connect to Bluetooth super quick. I have used it with my iPhone and iPad with, no problems at all. They have a range of 10 meters from the device you have it connected to. 

They come with extra sports pads because let's face it we all sweat, when we train. This means you can clean and interchange the sports ear pads. I mean that in its self is amazing. The sports pads stop your ears from overheating which I find one of there best features. I have always had trouble with these types of headphones. I almost forgot one of the best features The battery life is so long. They state that they have a 22-hours battery life But I think it might actually be a bit longer than that. 

cold woman in neck scarf in snow
To me, there are no better neckwarmers than Buff. There is a reason they are the UK number one selling. This is the Dryflex neck warmer and hat. They are super warm and so nice and soft against the skin. perfect for the cold snap we are having just now. They are reflective too, so keep you extra safe on the trails. I have to say my Dog mylo has ever borrowed this one when he was a bit cold and he loved it. Buff do an amazing dog range too. 
NEW Dryflx NeckwarmerAn ultralight and seamless tubular created for running and high intensity activities. Designed in a unique shape to offer optimal adjustment in the nose area. With a 360° reflective system makes it perfect on night and early morning with improved security. Extremely breathable and stretchable.

flipbelt £25
This is an amazing part of my wardrobe. This is the flitbelt. I love fitness clothes but so many of mine have no pockets. Which makes them look cute bit where do you put you're the items you need to carry with you. I have asthma and I can not leave my inhaler at home when I'm out on the bike. This is the perfect solution to my problems. It is a cute band which pops over your waist. As you can see above it fits my iPhone in there with no issues. One of my favourite features is you can clip your keys to the little hook in the band keeping them extra safe. No more putting things in my sports bra, Come on we have all done it. 

lots of nuts and seed healthy treats
If like me you are a huge sweet tooth, you need to get over to Munchy Seeds. Oh my god, you have not lived until you have tried there salted caramel flavour. It is by far my favourite treat. We all know the health benefits of nuts and seeds and these are not different except they have amazing flavour and can be used as a snack or why not sprinkle on yoghurt or cakes. Honestly, I could rave about them all day. But why not go and grab some for your self. 

What they say
“Hi. The story of our tasty little toasted treats goes way back to my granny whose toasted two seed blend started it all. It was her way of getting us kids nibbling on something nutritious and keeping our hands out of the cookie jar!
We still adore toasted seeds; they’re thoroughly scrummy, and every last seed is crammed with natural goodies like protein, fibre, iron and zinc. Sprinkle them over  breakfast or lunch, stir them in to a soup or casserole or just nibble away for a nutritious snack. You choose.
All our toasted seeds are gluten, wheat and yeast free and contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. They  are all suitable for vegetarians and we have five products that suit a vegan diet too.
nutmad nuts and seeds
As you might have guessed I love nuts. 
Nutmad is a subscription service. You can subscribe for a weekly or fortnightly supply of your favourites. But before you do that you can order a sample pack so you can find your perfect nut. 
They have a big range from cashews to walnuts. They have one for every nut fan. They really are a fun and tasty way to get your nuts. 
What they say
Here is why activated nuts are good for us – if you are not allergic to nuts, of course:Nuts contain natural chemicals, which can bind their nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, manganese, etc., and don’t allow the body to absorb them fully. Soaking in water breaks down these natural chemicals and makes the good stuff more available. Also, nuts become easier digestible and, last but not least, so much tastier.We soak the nuts in filtered water and dry them for long hours until they get really crunchy. As a result, we provide you with the most delicious, healthy, feel-good snack you deserve.
cox and co dark chocolate
You all know I am a chocoholic. I have been trying to swap out my normal milk chocolate with a healthy alternative. I love Cox & Co, They do the best high-quality chocolate with really fun and unique flavours from bee pollen and honey to coconut and chia. This is the perfect guilt-free chocolate treat. 

What they say. 
From start to finish, Cox&Co has been focused on producing chocolate that doesn’t make people choose between being ethical or enjoying an indulgent treat; this is a chocolate range that places equal importance on both. Blended with complementary superfoods as well as top quality cacao, it’s a treat that you can feel great about enjoying.
Cox&Co. is part of the Montrose Chocolate family, along with Danny’s Chocolate and Benefit Chocolate.
If you are looking for vegan snacks go check out living with Judes site. She has loads of awesome posts. You need to check out her Vegan chocolate and walnut brownies. Heaven. 


*Some of the items in this post have been gifted.