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How to find new healthy recipes

I get asked alot about diet and meal tips. As you all know, I go to the gym three times a week and mountain bike as much as I can. I love to eat healthily and make sure my meals are balanced and nutritious. I do have a cheat day. I will not lie to you all. Who doesn't love a nice meal out or a bit of cake right?

I want to share with you my latest way, I meal prep and find new exciting ways to jazz up my weekly meals. When I speak to people about healthy and nutritious meals. They admit they are intimated and struggle with finding new fun recipes. It is so easy to stay stuck in a rut right? But I want to show you a really fun and easy way to change your eating habits. I have found one of my favourite food delivery companies HelloFresh have a recipe matchmaker. I'll go into details in a bit about that but first. 

I want to introduce you to HelloFresh. If you don't know who they are? where have you been living under a rock? HelloFresh is the number one place to go. If you want to avoid having to do meal prep.  Yes no more hitting the supermarket after work. No more spending time scouring the shelves for inspirations. They do it all for you and deliver it to your door with the freshest and best quality ingredients.  

How does it work? 
Hellofresh is a subscription service. You sign up to receive your weekly box. There are three different options 
There is the family box which is packed full of fuss-free and tasty family favourites. The classic box- You can choose from 18 different receipts a week they have a huge range of British favourite and world cuisine. Last but not least The rapid box every meal will take you less than 20 minutes to cook. There are so many options for all of their boxes. From low calorie to gluten-free they cover everyone tastes and requirements. You can choose from three to five meals a week and you can choose how many people in your household you are cooking for up to four people. If there more of you just add another box. 

Let's talk about the recipe matchmaker. 
So this is a lifesaver if, like me, you need the inspiration to find something new and fun to eat. Not to mention keep the calorie count down and when you need to up the nutritional value. It's the never-ending struggle, right? Wrong HelloFresh has your back. They ask you a series of question and give you a new receipt or two to try. 

How does the recipe matchmaker work?

You are asked first what do you fancy? You choose one option
Beef  Chicken  Pork  Fish Pasta Rice Broccoli Tofu? 

I have chosen Beef. Next, I am asked 
What kind of beef I fancy? 
Adventurous,  Light,  Hearty, Quick & easy, Child-friendly?

I choose Light. Next, I'm asked If I require 
Gluten free, High protein, High fibre, Vegetarian? 
Mexican Broth recipe
I decided I didn't need any of those ticked and next I get the choice of two recipes to try. 

Beef Ragu Rigatoni or Mexican Broth both are under 750 calories per portion. They both come with easy step by step guide and full nutritional value. I also really like that they give each recipe a difficulty rating. I am not the best chef in the world, so this lets me know what I'm in for. But to be honest the recipes are all laid out so there really is no way for you to mess up. 

why not cheat at a dinner party and order a box and let HelloFresh help you cook up a storm that your guest will talk about for a long time after? I know I will be doing this.

I hope this has given you a new way to find new recipes to try. 

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