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Working from home fitness tips for the Lazy girl.

First I am not saying you are a lazy girl but I thought I would jump on the TikTok lazy girl trend and offer up some easy ways to include fitness when you work from home. Fitness is so important and we all are living a fast-paced life, where time is a high commodity and we could all use more of it. I am not only a blogger but an athlete and even I get a bit blah after a full day sitting at the desk working.  There is nothing worse than a busy day and thinking oh gosh I haven't even had time to eat, drink or go to the toilet let alone get some fitness in. 

But today we are going to talk about easy-to-include ways to add in some fitness that are really easy to achieve even for us lazy people.  

women working from home looking on her laptop for fitness ideas

1. Walking screen breaks

Take a break. I know, I know you are busy but you need to get away from the computer. Did you know you are meant to take a 5 or 10-minute break from the screen every hour? This is the government recommendation for all office workers. So you might as well make it count right? Why not walk up the stairs or go outside and have a little walk around the block instead of just popping the kettle on? Or whilst the kettle is boiling walk or dance round the kitchen. You are in your own house so no one will see you doing laps of the kitchen so go on and have a little walk around. 

2. Seated elliptical 

This one is a no-brainer for me. I spend a lot of time replying to emails and this in my mind is wasted time.  I sit for a few hours reading and replying using no energy at all. But having a seated elliptical sat under your desks whilst you reply to emails or watch training videos. You can burn on average 150 calories an hour from using a seated elliptical whilst you are doing the more boring admin tasks. Come on who likes spending hours replying to emails? 

It is so easy to get into this habit. I feel strange when I don't actually use my seated elliptical when I am at the desk now. It really has helped me keep moving and feel like I am actually doing something instead of feeling like I have sat on my bum all day doing nothing at all physically. 

3. Lunch break workouts.

You are in your own home and you are entitled to a lunch hour, right? So why not add in a quick 30-minute workout. I am not saying if you have an important Zoom call to get hot and sweaty and have to redo your makeup but you could easily do a little youtube yoga session or low-impact workout. 

But if you don't have anything on and why the hell not get a little hot and sweat for half an hour. Do an exercise or workout you enjoy. I love Zwift which is turbo training really so I jump on there for 30 minutes then have a quick shower and I am back at my desk normally early before my hour is up with a fresh brew and some lunch.

Picking an exercise you love will help you form a habit and make the transition to adding this in so much easier. So if you like to run grab those trainers and head outside if you like to dance get on youtube and find a dance class try Tennis just do what you enjoy. Fitness can be fun if you make it that way. There is something so nice about wearing good quility and good-looking fitness gear my faves at the moment come from Hayabusa Women's Apparel I love the colours and the fit of sports bras in particular but to be honest its all great you just cant go wrong with the kit. 

4. Build in stretching 

Come on right now you are a little stiff and uncomfortable, are you? We all get like this after hours sitting at the desk. People forget that a big part of being fit is looking after your body and stretching is so important to the body. 

In between tasks take a minute or two to add in some stretching, especially for your back and arms. Making sure you add this in can help to ease the ache and pains we all get from spending too much time at our desks. There are so many easy-to-do stretches you can do at your desk and they take seconds so really we all have no excuse we should be doing them. These can be so beneficial to our bodies. 

5. Stress management 

Yes, this is not an exercise but it needs to be included. Managing stress well can have a positive impact on all areas of your life but especially your mental and physical health. It is so easy to let stress take over your life. I know I have been there and it took me a while to realise it. There are links between stress and weight gain there is no way of sugarcoating it. A stressful life can have negative impacts on your physical fitness as well as your mind. 

Realising and using good coping mechanisms when you are stressed will help keep you on the road to fitness and in turn feeling healthy. We all have stressful periods in life it is part of being human unfortunately and there is no way around it. But by being able to recognise stress and put in a good stress management plan you are going to feel better quicker. 

Everyone manages stress and worry differently and there is no point in me listing off all the things that help me you have to find your own way of coping. But I will link a good place to start NHS 10 stress busters have a look at these and see if they help you. 

I really hope these 5 lazy girls work from home fitness tips have helped you to incorporate some new healthy fitness activities into your work-from-home life. 

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