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A simple guide to choosing an engagement ring

Clueless about engagement rings? Then this one’s for you. Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important purchase decisions you will make, but is one that can be difficult if you haven’t got a clue where to start. This is a simple guide for beginners. I will talk you through the key points of choosing an engagement ring, ready for when you want to pop the question to the one you love. 

Also worth reading if you are the recipient of the engagement ring. Because you need to love your ring and pointing your special someone in the right direction is always a good idea. No one wants to hate their engagement ring right?  

women being proposed to with big diamond ring

When choosing an engagement ring, the first thing you’ll want to do is set yourself a budget. This is actually a really good point to start and will help you when you browse online or head into a store to choose your ring. Traditionally, an engagement ring was expected to be worth two months’ salary, but you can forget that now. Set a budget that is realistic and affordable; it’s the choice of ring that matters and not how much it cost.

There are so many amazing places to get rings online now this will keep costs down and help you get more bang for your buck. A great place to start is Shesaidyes who have an incredible selection of engagement rings for all budgets and styles. 

Knowing what size ring to get can be difficult, especially if you want your proposal to be a surprise. A good way to measure is to have a nose around their existing jewellery and measure one of their rings, going 1-2 sizes smaller than one that fits her middle finger. Don’t panic if the size isn’t quite right - it’s very easy to get them resized to ensure the perfect fit. 

tear shaped diamond engagement ring

Do some research 
An engagement ring is a very personal thing, and you’ll want to make sure that you find the most appropriate engagement ring style for the person you’re going to give it to. Analyse their fashion and how they dress.

Do they like classic, elegant dress styles or does she prefer something a bit more glamorous? This will help you when it comes to choosing the right ring and there is a very distinct difference between classic styles and those which offer a bit more glamour. 

More classic styles tend to be Princess, round and oval cut stones. More modern stone cuts tend to lean towards a pear or heart engagement ring. You will know your partner's style and personal preference better than you think. 

heart shaped diamond ring

Now you know what sort of ring you’re looking for, you can set about nailing down the finer details. Choose the type of metal the band should be (gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, etc.) followed by the type of stone from moissanite to diamond to ruby.  All Diamonds and stones come in a variety of cuts, so the choice can be a bit overwhelming, but you’ll know the right style when you see it. 

Read reviews
You can read reviews of anything these days, including engagement ring retailers. Reading these reviews will be essential for helping you choose your ring from a jeweller that produces high-quality engagement rings, as well as offering good customer service. As a ring is an investment, it may be something that needs adjusting and repairing over time, and you’ll want to purchase from a store you trust. 

When considering your ring choice, you may also find that you find yourself wondering whether or not they should pick their own engagement ring - it’s completely up to you. If you want to plan the perfect surprise proposal, however, you should keep your plans to yourself, maybe seeking advice from a friend or family member to help you choose and make the proposal one of the most romantic and memorable days of your life.

I hope this has given you the perfect place to start your very special engagement story. 

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