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How To Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring Safely At Home

Today I want to talk about rings and in particular diamond rings. I have had my engagement ring for many years now and my wedding ring for nearly 7 years. I can not believe we are nearly seven years married. Both my rings have diamonds in them and I want to tell you all how I keep them clean. I once worked in a jewellery store and I was always shocked that people do not know that you can clean your precious diamonds at home. I think this is something we should all know how to do especially just now when we are venturing out less. Let's face it diamond engagement rings cost a lot of money and they are an investment item so we need to really take good care of them and make sure they keep their sparkle and shine. 

I have a stunning white gold and emerald cut diamond engagement ring and my wedding band has four white diamonds and five pink diamonds set within it. I adore my rings and I try to take extra care of them. especially my engagement ring as I wear it less often. It has quite a high setting so I keep it for more special occasions. If you are maybe in the market for a new ring or an upgrade you need to check out Abelini jewellery, They have a huge range of gorgeous diamond jewellery from diamond engagement rings to earring and necklaces. I have my eye on a stunning necklace to match my engagement ring. 

Check your ring

The first thing to do is to take your rings off and give them a really good check over. I always recommended to my customers to get to know their diamond. Every diamond ring is special and unique. By really knowing your ring and the stone within it. This will help you know if there are any faults or if the stones are becoming loose. If you notice your diamond is becoming lose stop and take this to a jeweller as soon as possible. Do not wear it and do not clean it. 

We put our ring through a lot and expect them to not get dirty but if you really think about it. Your rings are in and out of water when you wash your hands, they get smothered in hand cream and makeup and some people even garden in them. I do not recommend this please take them off for this task. Nowadays just think of the amount of hand sanitiser that your poor ring is seeing. 

 To clean your ring

Fill a little bowl with hot to warm water with some washing-up liquid. Place your ring in the bowl and leave it for about 40 minutes. 

Once you have soaked your ring, you will already notice a differance. You can get a babies toothbrush. Yes, it needs to be a babies toothbrush as this has the softest bristles. Very gently you can clean your ring with the brush. make sure to clean the underneath of the settle this is where most of the dirt will hide. 

Lastly, rinse the diamond ring under warm water and leave it to dry. 

This is how I clean my rings at home and how I keep them fresh and sparkling. I bet you will not believe the differance this will make to your rings. I hope this has helped you to bring the sparkle back into your rings. 

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