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How to become a full time blogger

Let's talk about blogging will we? I have been blogging for over 8 years. I love my job and it affords me so many amazing opportunities. I can work from home, I can work from anywhere that I have access to my laptop and I normally do. I have worked from places like Andorra, Spain and all around the UK, Hell I have even worked from a picnic bench in a remote national park. Honestly I can work from anywhere I can get on to the internet. There are endless benefits to my job and I want to explain more about becoming a blogger. 

How I got started 
I started with the need to be creative. I am dyslexic and I was going through a really ruff time a few years ago. My mental health had taken a big hit and I was very unwell. I wanted to find somewhere I could jot down my thoughts and feelings. I might be dyslexic but I love to write. I have loved it since I was a child. I am very creative minded having studied acting and performance at college. One day I just just decided to start writing about my love of beauty and this is where MissLJBeauty started. 

I set up my little blog and started a twitter account. I posted about all the products I loved and hated and why and I did it not for anyone else but for me. Soon I found a really friendly group of other bloggers who like me had a passion for beauty and I connected with them. It was then that I really seen a future in blogging. 

It's an easy job right? 
At first I was naive. I thought you could just write and your blog would be found this is not the truth. It is not an easy job and nowhere near as glamorous as people think. I put in really long days and nights working. To be successful you need to be committed to your brand. You have to work hard to keep your audience engaged. You have to really spend time making great content and have a very active social media presence. I can work anywhere between 8-14 hours a day. You have to put the time in. 

A Lot of people look at blogging as an easy option but it couldn't be further from the truth. I am constantly emailing, photographing editing, researching, writing and planning. Since going full time I have not had a full day off. Yes I was even replying to emails on Christmas day. What I will say is when like me you love your job it doesn't feel like work. But I am aware how much time I put in. You can not enter this career to make fast money. It took me years to make my first paycheck and even then it was very small. This is a hard industry and there are so many bloggers out there. I am now able to make a full time wage out of blogging and social media but It has taken a lot of hard work to get here. 

How I keep current
I realised pretty early on that being myself is what makes me stand out. No one else is me. No one else has lived my life. I am me. I have stories to tell. I am a trained actor, massage therapist, makeup artist, hell I am a ex police officer with a policing diploma. I am me. You need to go into this with your eyes open and be you. There is no point trying to be someone you are not. 

MissLJBeauty began as a beauty blog I have diversified in to travel and lifestyle too. I am a not a tick box so I decided my blog would not be either. I think my readers what to read about what I think and feel and I have always promised to them I will be open and honestly with them. I have documented my battle with mental health my weightloss journey I even shared my wedding. I am an open book and you need to be in this industry. 

I like to stay ahead of treads. I like do lots of research, what is the newest beauty trend? What is the next big fitness crazy? What are people really wanting to know about. I mean right now in a pandemic there are not many people looking for the perfect red lipstick are there? But there are lots of people looking for the best at home skin and bodycare.  Think about what do you want to know. If you are thinking about something. Think about how you would you ask google about it? Like what is the best at home spa treatments. There you have a starting point for a post. Try to think more about your readers wants and need then your own. 

How to grow as a blogger
There are so many ways to grow but here are my favorites 
  • Social media is your friend build up Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Write good content this will get you noticed
  • Learn how to write a good blog with search engine optimisation
  • Speak to other bloggers. 
  • Join new bloggers facebook communities 
  • Read other bloggers Spotlights and see how they do things. This can be great for inspiration. 
  • Be consistent
  • Be patients and keep grinding

Being a blogger is the best and most rewarding career I have had. I enjoy my job and I love the variety of my work. One day I am writing about the best moisturisers and the next a gift guide for fathers day. This career choice is hard and there will be stumbling blocks but there will be highs as well. I can promise you blogging is a fun and challenging career choice. 

I wish you all the luck in your blogging adventure. You can always message me for any help. I am more than happy to hear from you.

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