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5 things you might not know you are allergic too

Today I want to talk to you about allergies. A few years ago I got very poorly and it took a lot of tests to find out what going on with me. I was in and out of the doctors for blood and urine tests. It got to the point where it was one thing after another I was run down tired and suffering from IBS really badly. I was at the end of my tether with it all. I felt like every round of tests were coming back with more questions than answers. 

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I was physically weak, I would pass out I was fighting with IBS and I was gaining weight. At the time I was young I was outgoing and in all intents and purpose should have been healthy. I ate a good varied diet. I exercised regularly I didn't drink or smoke. I ticked all the healthy boxes but still, I was not well and the reason seemed a mystery. It wasn't until my doctor suggested I get some allergy testing that things started to look hopeful and my recovery began. 

So many of us are allergic to common things like some foods, pets, dust mites and even have hayfever and not know it. You know I am a massive advocator of a healthy lifestyle. I like to stay fit and healthy and it might be a shock to learn that I really struggled like this. I want you to live your best life. If the last year has taught us anything it is that we only have one body and we need to take really good care of it. We all need to take ownership of our own responsibility to our body. You know I say it all the time but your body is your machine. You need to feed it, you need to water it and you need to keep it in tip top condition with exercises. Just like you would with any machine you wanted to last a long time. You dont let your car rust on the driveway, do you? 

It is really important that we know if we have any allergies. Yes there as extreme versions of allergies. One of my closest friends has a severe nut allergy and another has a severe penicillin allergy these can both be deadly. I like to make sure I know if any of my friends have any severe allergies. This way if the worst was to happen I can inform the paramedic asap and they will know what to do and what not to do. You should make a point of finding out if your friends have allergies it could save their lives.  

Not all allergies are this severe some cause minor illnesses and discomforts. I would highly recommend getting tested. You can do it from the comfort of your own home too. Today's I am working with klarify.me Home Allergy Test Who offers a comprehensive, sophisticated and professional test. It will tell you if you are allergic to any of the 294 differnt allergens that they test for. It is so easy to do. You just need to submit a small blood sample and send it to the lab. Don't worry it is all fully explained and so simple to do. The state of art lab will analyse your sample and send your result to you within a couple of weeks. 

How do they do the testing
Precision allergen component testing
The test detects your body’s reactions to both allergen extracts and allergen components. That allows for comprehensive precision testing right down to individual proteins in an allergen source.

The antibody Immunoglobulin E (IgE) plays a vital role in allergic reactions to many substances. By identifying specific IgE in your blood, the klarify.me Home Allergy Test can give an indication of your sensitisation to potential allergy triggers, called allergens.

Your blood sample will be analysed using the innovative technology ALEX – Allergy Explorer. ALEX measures allergen specific IgE and total IgE. This technology is also used by medical professionals to support the clinical diagnosis of allergies.

Now you know where you can get tested. I want to talk to you about 5 things you might be allergic to and you dont even know it. 


I found out that I am allergic to the soya bean. If I eat anything with soya in any form I will start with getting bloating and pain in my abdomen. I will feel very uncomfortable and be unable to move. I will later have nausea. I have to avoid all soy product. So no soy milk, no tofu and no miso. I have to check product like bread and protein bar and even some processed meats to make sure they are Soya free. 


A very common allergy is to milk 1 in 50 babies are allergic to milk. Some babies outgrow this allergy but this can continue into adulthood and be a life long illness. I am not allergic to milk but I know It is a trigger to my IBS so I do try to be as Lacto free as I can. If like me you have IBS allergies testing is amazing send as it helps you identify your triggers. 


I know what you are thinking yes a bee or wasp sting is sore but did you know up to 7% of people are severely allergic to being stung by one of these insects. This can be deadly. If you are in this 7% it is good to tell people so you can get the medical attention you need asap. 


You might have a Dog, Cat Rabbit or even mouse that you can be allergic to. I have a family member who found out their child was severely allergic to their dog. If you are having any kind of systems it is always worth finding out if it could be from your furry friend. Do not worry it does not always mean rehoming your furbabies these things can be monitored and helped. 

Your house 

No matter how much you clean your house you can still have mites. There is a lot of variety of mites. Dust mites are the most common. I know these are a trigger for my type of asthma. I was not diagnosed with asthma until my 20's I have an adult on set asthma. Which was a huge shock to me. I can guarantee if I am in a room with damp or pollen I will have a very very bad time with my asthma. No matter how much you model your home on Mrs hitch mites can find a way into your own home. 

It is really important to find out what you are allergic to this way you can make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle. We have to do more to make sure we are the healthiest version of ourself this will help us in the long run. Even if we do catch a nasty virus our body will be strong and have a better chance of fighting it and making a faster recovery. You only have one body and mind you must protect them. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it interesting.   

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