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is contrasting stitching the fashion must have of spring?

 Can you keep up with the weather? Is it spring? Is it summer or are we back in winter? I honestly can not keep track of the weather. I am so ready for a bit more spring and summer clothing. I just can not decide what I should be buying at the moment so I am going with a mix of items. I love multi-season items, don't you? Let's face it I live in the Highlands, where our weather is more unpredictable than it is in the south. I mean we had snow at the weekend and hail yesterday. I normally can't plan an outfit until the day I am wearing it as I can almost guarantee I will need to change it. It is lucky I love fashion isn't it and I have so many options to choose from. 

Today we have a mini haul from MREP, This is a great online fashion site that stocks everything from loungewear to dresses to shoes. They stock it all. We all know I love loungewear and I pretty much live in it this day. Scotland is still in lockdown so there is nowhere to go. So I am living my best lockdown loungewear life come on aren't you? I love having so many loungewear options. 

I am a size 8 and I have an hourglass shape. I have big boobs and a bum and hips. I also have a very narrow waist.  It can be very hard to dress my figure and finding clothes that fit me can be difficult. I will always share the size I have ordered with you so you can gauge your size in the item and I will also tell you if I think it was the right size for me. 

If you have followed me for a while you will know I love a fashion haul and I take a lot of photos for them. My hauls are somewhere between look book and try on. I want you to really see the items and all the angles. 

Let's start with one of MREP's super cute contrast stitch tops. This one is called the Blue contrast stitch long-sleeved crop top- Sienna. I ordered this in a size 8. I am always a bit scared when I order crop tops like these as I have big boobs and a very small back so I never really know if they will fit until they arrive. This one fits me perfectly. It is like it was made for my shape.

 I love the detailing on it it gives it a bit of an edgy look and feel. I love the sleeves. I have always wanted a top like this but I have never been sure if I could pull it off. But I am happy to say this will be a summer staple I love the colour it is giving me all the Britney Spear vibes and I am loving it. I would team this with joggers like above or a nice skirt in summer or shorts. I really love it.

This is loungewear set is part of the contrast stitch loungewear collection on MERP's. It is called The black oversized contrast stitch sweater and jogger loungewear set - Bridget I order this in a size 8. This is everything I like in a comfy day off loungewear set. It is oversized I could have sized down in this one. So bear that in mind if you like you items tighter or looser. 

It is lined with a really nice cosy material and feels really soft on the inside. I really like the black with white stitching. It gives it a nice little edge like the crop top I have above. I am actually writing this wearing this outfit and I love it. I really like the option to have a jumper instead of a hoodie and there are lots of these on the site if you fancy one. I would team with white trainers and either hair as above or in pigtails. Which seems to be my new lockdown staple.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul and check back in for my next one. 

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