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Conquer Jet Lag with these 5 Proven Strategies to combat and recover

Jet lag can be the unwelcome companion of any avid traveller, wreaking havoc on your sleep, energy levels, and overall well-being. I speak from experience as I have just returned from Nepal.  Fortunately,  I have a few strategic measures and tools I use to beat jet lag and make the most out of travelling. Today we are going to explore five effective ways to combat jet lag the easy way. 


1. First you need to adjust Your Schedule Before You Leave. I know easier said than done. But one of the most effective ways to minimize the impact of jet lag is to gradually adjust your sleep schedule in the days leading up to your trip. I know life can be busy but even trying to adjust by a couple hours can make a massive difference.m 

If you're travelling east, try going to bed and waking up an hour earlier each day. For westward travel, shift your schedule in the opposite direction. This gradual adjustment helps your body's internal clock adapt to the new time zone. 

2. Drinking water. Staying Hydrated and really thinking about what you are eating can do wonders also.  Dehydration can exaggerate the symptoms of jet lag. so it's really important to stay well-hydrated throughout your journey. Drinking more than you normally do is a good place to start and this will also have a good effect on your skin. Air travel sucks the moisture out of your skin. 

Avoiding drinking caffeine and alcohol is also a good starting point., as they can contribute to dehydration and disrupt your sleep patterns which is already messed up. Opt for water and healthy snacks to keep your body nourished and energized during the flight is going to help your body recover quickly. 

3. Maximize Exposure to daylight. Light exposure plays a significant role in regulating your circadian rhythm. Spend time outdoors and expose yourself to natural light, especially in the morning upon arrival at your destination.  This is one of the best ways to et your body and mind know you are changing time zones. This will also help reset your internal clock and signal to your body that it's time to be awake. 

4. introduce power naps: Short naps can effectively combat fatigue and help your body adjust to a new time zone. Keep your naps brief around 20-30 minutes no longer. Make sure to schedule them strategically to avoid interfering with your regular sleep patterns. Aim to nap in the early afternoon to help maintain your alertness and energy levels throughout the day.

5. Take your favourite pillow. Travelling on a plane can be very uncomfortable and lead to you being awake when you should be asleep. I travel with my Simba Hybrid Pillow , it is imperative when you sleep to have a comfortable experience and this will in turn help you fight jet lag. Make sure to place your pillow on your bed in your hotel room. Having this little piece of home can make falling asleep easier and help you fight jet lag faster. Simba make the best pillow these are so comfy and you need to try one for the best night sleep. 

What is special about my pillow Simba Hybrid pillow 
Softer or firmer, higher or lower? Our superbly comfortable Hybrid® Pillow can do it all, thanks to an adjustable, supportive inner core of our tiny foam Nanocubes®, and an outer sleeve of soft, cushioning Simba Renew Bio™. We’ve also added a pure cotton cover with cooling Stratos® technology for optimal heat control.

Jet Lag can be hard to combat but by Prioritising your well-being, optimize your travel routine, and embracing the adventure you will get though this quicker than your think. 

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