Friday, 30 January 2015

My Funny photos from My towie hen do

Hi Everyone, 

So I came across this comp by Red7
Encase you don't know Red7 are a amazing hen and stag do company. 
this specialist in Making your hen or stag the best it can be! Check them out in the link.
Did i mention the prize is awesome!!!!!! check it out!

My hen doo was awesome I was treated to the best day ever Started with a Spa and lunch then back to my mates house to get ready. I love my mate and I never get to see them as we all live all over the place. Or as they would tell you I moved to the middle of no where about 3hrs away. I could go on and on about my girls and this TBH is making me teary as I miss them. 

So The comp is funniest Hen do Photos So here is mine!

 The end result
 My towie make over all Lips and false lashes and tan obvs

 It all about great hair 
 My girls getting ready 

 Of course joey came 
 and amy
 Sam and Mark came

I got a bit friendly with Joey! 
(vote for me in the comp here)

Show me your Funny Photos!

MissLJBeauty xox 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Promixx Review

Hi my lovelies, 

How are you all today?

Well my Postie arrived with something quite exciting. The Promixx in Pink £18.99. As you know I'm back on the healthy bandwagon. I am also doing more protein in my diet as I'm training for a mountain bike race in June. Yip My 1st one. Dame you Fi. anyways off topic here. So Protein shakes pancakes etc means I need a good mixer in My Life Enter MR Promixx

 I was even sent the upgraded booster pack which I love so much!
 Here is my new sports bottle
 The great thing about this is its mixing power! I have made my protein drinks in it and there are no lumps at all. and its pretty to watch! its so cool watching the vortex I do get lost watching it and am like aw its stopped I want to make another. It really added a fun element to your drinks.

 These are the extras a crazy fast charger which you can charge with any usb connector or like me your laptop, a new lid and supplement storage pod. all very handy £16.99 I can defo say this is worth ti for the charger alone.

 Love this lid
Red light means its not charged and green means it ready to rock and roll.

Now This mixer can mix loads I've made omelettes in here no fuse to this little master mixer . I've tried my protein pan cake again no probs at all.

I filmed a vid for this but the lighting was so bad that I'm going to re film it the next light day we get.

This bottle is a must for anyone who wouldn't want to just play with it.

Have you got one? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Aurora band Night band review

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all today? 

Today I'm taking hair. 

I was lucky and sent The Aurora band night roller  to try (12.99 euros), If your a dragons den fan you might recognize this 

 Here Is how I got on. My hair is damp by the way.

So first pop the band on your head Like a halo.
 Side View I will do a vid on how to do this but check here . basically you take small sections of your hair starting at the front and wrap round the roller, and you add in the left over section from the wrap round before.
 All done very simple to do but remember to brush each layer as you wrap it makes it so much easier 
 back view I posted this on instrgram and my friend was like this is so pretty how do i do this lol
 Front view  Good night time for sleeps
Morning yes its dark outside still 
You carefully unwind your hair starting at the back and boom you are done
 Woop look at my curls now I used NO product to get these curls and I have very think normally uncurlable hair where were you for my wedding Mr perfect curl band 
 So pretty 

 The back is awesome add some hair stray and you are done. 

Lets talk about sleep. I have tried other sleep in product and this is by far the easiest to sleep with, I dont know if its the way I sleep but this made no difference to my sleep at all. with other product i wake up through the night as I'm just not comfy. 

I cant recommend this enough and this is my favorite type of loose messy curls I will be trying it with a bit of product next time to see if this make the curls tighter. 

In case you are wondering my curls lasted all day and even when I slept on my hair I had a few curls left the next day. 

I think if this works on my Hair it will work on anyones hair. 

I have a very special competition coming up where I will be giving away two of these away so please keep a cheeky wee eye out for your chance to own your own one. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Three thing I love about my favorite city

Hi Everyone.

How are you all today? 

You know I love a comp so here is a awesome one I am entering with Accorhotels

A tale for three city's. 

The prize is Crazy, Amazing and I would be the happiest person in the world to get this chance. click the link to find out more.

So  Here go's lets talk about my all time favorite city, now this was tricky as you know I love London but

My all time favorite city is..... Drum roll please!


Yip the big apple! Is defo the winner for me here is why 

1. The hustle and bustle

Yip a strange reason But I love that its a fast paced city that never sleeps. 
I love standing in the middle of time square just watching the hundreds of people all doing different things. Some are rushing to work, Some are tourists taking in the sites. Some are just doing there jobs. I love just watching them. feeling part of a huge crowd. Now I know this seem strange but I am from a very small village in the highland and this really put life in prospective for me. Plus how can you not love shopping late at night. eating out at late night ( brilliant for us who have jet lag) and dancing the night away in a new club.

2. The Food!

where do I start? I love me some food and I really love New York Pizza & New York bagels New York ice cream and frozen yogurt. I have never seen so many different restaurants offering every type of food imaginable with every dietary requirement in one place. I know you are thinking every city has similar but the food in New York is out of this world. There is nothing like a real New York slice of pizza! I really could go on and on but I wont as  you will stop reading. 

3. Feeling theLove

When I was in New York. I really could feel the love the people had for the city. 
 Its hard to not be taken in by the this passion for New York. Whether your at the natural history museum or at a Broadway show Everyone has such affection for there city. I have never experienced this before.
 No matter where you are, if you ask a question about New York, People are more than happy to talk to you about how amazing the city really is. They will give you recommendations for shows, for restaurants, for amazing off the beaten track shops I have never experienced this before.
 I think this is one of the reason I feel In love with new York. I have to say its one of the most recognizable horizons in the world but it is the people that make this city special for me.

Whats you Favorite city?

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Friday, 23 January 2015

What I do to stop ageing!

HHi Everyone,

How are you today?

Today I'm talking anti aging. I was actually discussing this with my friends the other day and thought. Id write a wee post about it.

My fail safe tips to looking younger. Now I am not going to lie I am blessed to look younger than I am. but I want to talk about how I stay this way and what I am considering in the future to keep me looking you.


I drink a lot of water, I really believe this helps my skin look and feel younger  its keeps refreshed and plump. which in turn makes it look younger.


I have to admit I don't drink very offend and I feel this saves my skin and body a lot of damage as after I do drink my skin breaks out and looks really dull.

Ok controversial I know but I only do this when my skin really need it.
I know a lot of you will be screaming at the screen now but to be honest I really find this helps me not to break out.

Working out 

I like to lead a healthy lifestyle and workout when I can and I really believe getting the blood circulating helps keep my skin younger.

So this is My top tips that I use now.

When I get older/feel I need a wee boost.

Last year you know I looked in to having my birthmark removed for my wedding but changed my mind. whilst looking at this. I found Sknclinics,who are based all over the UK. But I found them in Glasgow which is my nearest. Now you know me I research everything and Sknclinics has the best reputation In the industry. You know when it come to my skin I am really picky.


I looked at this in depth before my wedding as I wanted to have a nice glow. This treatment appeals to me. Like everyone I have breakouts now and again. I have the curse of blackheads and this treatment works from the first session which is amazing. Check out the full description by clicking the link, but basically this is extreme exfoliation, removing the dead skin cells which in turn encourages natural exfoliation. leaving your skin the best it can ever be!

I have read endless reviews about this treatment. I love that you can pop in for this treatment and you don't look like you have had anything done. This appeals to me as I will have to travel for the treatment and I don't want to walk round with a big red face after. Plus for a big event you can have it done without anyone knowing you've had it! result. 

Prices Start from £48 per session ( So I think this is really affordable too).  I'm thinking I will have this done next time I'm in Glasgow and do a vlog? Would you like to see this? 

The other Treatment I will be considering in the next 5 to 10 years is 

Laser Resurfacing

As you know I'm a huge needle phobic but my research tells me that this one would be worth the needle. So Enter Lasers to save my aging process. With age come uneven skin tone and wrinkles. This is the number one treatment in rectifying this situation.
Basically the laser heats the skin to banish the unwanted signs of ageing. Fully explained in the link above. 
I will be honest this procedure is a bit pricey starting at £525 But when you read into the after results it worth its wait in gold! Again this treatment works from your first session and you see results straight away. After your initial down time. I will defo be getting this one in the future. 

So what is you anti aging tips and tricks? What will you be getting in the future? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Surprise bra of the month with Clara Olivia

Hi everyone, 

How are you today?

You know me I am on the constant hunt for the perfect Plus size bra! I am on the hunt for us small back, big cupped girls. I was contacted by the lovely people at Clara-Olivia. Where we came up with the idea of surprise bra of the month. You know I love bras and I love surprises. So each month they will send me a new bra to review. I have to say the postage was crazy fast too. 

Check out my unboxing here. Yes I got excited and filmed with no make up on.

The gorgeous Freya Marvel bra £30, They have also given me a a very generous 20% off discount  code for all of you to use, Enter Beauty20 at the checkout. This is off the whole site!!! did i mention this give free delivery too. 
Someone hold me back. 

I have now had time to wear this bra. and I have to say the fit is really nice and it holds you in a great position. not to high and not to low the perfect Tshirt bra. There was no uncomfortable straps on this bra in fact I forgot I was wearing it. I got this in a 30G and it fitted me perfect. I think a lot of back pain in woman can be stopped if they would wear the right bra size! My mission in life is to educate my friends on this fact. The colour is black and a gorgeous purple very pretty indeed. This is a lovely bra for us big cupped girls its not only practical and comfortable but sexy too. 

So let me know if you use the discount code and what you bought!

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Coloristiq The nail Polish revolution

Hi everyone, 
How are you today?

So Today I have found a revolution in nail polish! I know bold statement eh?
Well as I type I'm in my beauty room and I turn to look at my huge collection of nail polish I shameful used maybe once if they were lucky!

Now how any of you are the same as me buy a lot of new polishes to just sit there? 
This is where Coloristiq have come up with the perfect Idea and to be honest I wish I had this idea!

Basically you sign up to there service and every month for £14.49 you receive three nail polishes from all the top brands OPI, Essie, China glaze which you can use twice each over a 30 day period and then you pop them back in the post 
Free post of course and wait for your next three.  Don't forget to create your wish list on there site. 

How any of us actually use one polish more than twice in month, no you cant count top coat haha!

This is how they arrived which is so clever
Heres the instructions

the prettyness I received 
China glaze in Id melt for you, Snow (very appropriate) & til your hat 

So whats stopping you get over there!

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mobile mad House case review

Hi everyone, 
How are we all today?

Today I'm reviewing a lovely phone case which was sent to me from the nice people at 

I recently received my new phone. I needed a new jazzy case to protect it. 
This case is strong and fits my phone like a glove and its so cheap at only £9.99
The cover is just so pretty and you know i'm starting the new year being positive so I love that it gives me a nice quote to read to. Lets face it we could all use to live by this mantra. 

Do you need a New phone case check out

MissLJBeauty xoxo  

Monday, 12 January 2015

Its Teatime - We are tea Review

Hi everyone, 

How are you all today? 

Today is really cold, So what better thing to warm us all up but my new obsession when it comes to Tea. We are Tea

I love that this brand is ethical, and members of the Ethical Tea partnership it easy to forget that not everyone is treated fairly in the Tea industry. please check out  there values here.

 I adore nice packaging and this to me is stylish and fresh 
 The tea bag its self is lovely, really good quality . I don't think I have ever complimented a 
Tea bags feel before but these feel very silky so they make you feel like you are indulging in luxury 
 Now lets get down to the taste, I Have been a fan of green teas since before they where fashionable to drink. So I know my tea. 

As I sit typing, I have a cup of the gunpowder supreme £3.99 brewing beside me. This is such a refreshing taste. Gone is the horrid after taste you can get with some green teas and its just nice cosy, relaxing flavor and I find this one quite sweet to taste and it takes the edge off if im having a sweet craving. 

I also tried the Moroccan mint (Green tea) £3.19 this was really nice and again I found it fresh. I have to say it leaves almost a cooling after taste on my tongue. I found this extra nice to have when I have a bit of a sore stomach as it really helps settle it and I would buy it again just for this fact.  ( and that they are just so darn tasty)

I really need to try more from this brand, Get yours here plus it free delivery. I really need to try some of the infusiontea range and the supertea ranges as they sound just as delish. 
Have you Tried We are tea? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo