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The Aurora band Night band review

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all today? 

Today I'm taking hair. 

I was lucky and sent The Aurora band night roller  to try (12.99 euros), If your a dragons den fan you might recognize this 

 Here Is how I got on. My hair is damp by the way.

So first pop the band on your head Like a halo.
 Side View I will do a vid on how to do this but check here . basically you take small sections of your hair starting at the front and wrap round the roller, and you add in the left over section from the wrap round before.
 All done very simple to do but remember to brush each layer as you wrap it makes it so much easier 
 back view I posted this on instrgram and my friend was like this is so pretty how do i do this lol
 Front view  Good night time for sleeps
Morning yes its dark outside still 
You carefully unwind your hair starting at the back and boom you are done
 Woop look at my curls now I used NO product to get these curls and I have very think normally uncurlable hair where were you for my wedding Mr perfect curl band 
 So pretty 

 The back is awesome add some hair stray and you are done. 

Lets talk about sleep. I have tried other sleep in product and this is by far the easiest to sleep with, I dont know if its the way I sleep but this made no difference to my sleep at all. with other product i wake up through the night as I'm just not comfy. 

I cant recommend this enough and this is my favorite type of loose messy curls I will be trying it with a bit of product next time to see if this make the curls tighter. 

In case you are wondering my curls lasted all day and even when I slept on my hair I had a few curls left the next day. 

I think if this works on my Hair it will work on anyones hair. 

I have a very special competition coming up where I will be giving away two of these away so please keep a cheeky wee eye out for your chance to own your own one. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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  1. Wow, this is clever! Not sure if I could sleep in it though!

    Tara x