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Promixx Review

Hi my lovelies, 

How are you all today?

Well my Postie arrived with something quite exciting. The Promixx in Pink £18.99. As you know I'm back on the healthy bandwagon. I am also doing more protein in my diet as I'm training for a mountain bike race in June. Yip My 1st one. Dame you Fi. anyways off topic here. So Protein shakes pancakes etc means I need a good mixer in My Life Enter MR Promixx

 I was even sent the upgraded booster pack which I love so much!
 Here is my new sports bottle
 The great thing about this is its mixing power! I have made my protein drinks in it and there are no lumps at all. and its pretty to watch! its so cool watching the vortex I do get lost watching it and am like aw its stopped I want to make another. It really added a fun element to your drinks.

 These are the extras a crazy fast charger which you can charge with any usb connector or like me your laptop, a new lid and supplement storage pod. all very handy £16.99 I can defo say this is worth ti for the charger alone.

 Love this lid
Red light means its not charged and green means it ready to rock and roll.

Now This mixer can mix loads I've made omelettes in here no fuse to this little master mixer . I've tried my protein pan cake again no probs at all.

I filmed a vid for this but the lighting was so bad that I'm going to re film it the next light day we get.

This bottle is a must for anyone who wouldn't want to just play with it.

Have you got one? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

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