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Coloristiq The nail Polish revolution

Hi everyone, 
How are you today?

So Today I have found a revolution in nail polish! I know bold statement eh?
Well as I type I'm in my beauty room and I turn to look at my huge collection of nail polish I shameful used maybe once if they were lucky!


Now how any of you are the same as me buy a lot of new polishes to just sit there? 
This is where Coloristiq have come up with the perfect Idea and to be honest I wish I had this idea!

Basically you sign up to there service and every month for £14.49 you receive three nail polishes from all the top brands OPI, Essie, China glaze which you can use twice each over a 30 day period and then you pop them back in the post 
Free post of course and wait for your next three.  Don't forget to create your wish list on there site. 

How any of us actually use one polish more than twice in month, no you cant count top coat haha!

This is how they arrived which is so clever
Heres the instructions

the prettyness I received 
China glaze in Id melt for you, Snow (very appropriate) & til your hat 

So whats stopping you get over there!

MissLJBeauty xoxo


  1. Ooh no I'm a magpie I would hate having to send them back hehe
    Rosy xx