Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March's You Beauty discovery box

Hi everyone, 

Sorry I have been a bit distant the last week been fighting a bad cold. 
anyways how are you all? 

Here is what I got in my Youbeautydiscovery.co.uk box this month. What I love about this box is that it is so cheap £6.95 a month and unlike other boxes you get to pick some of your items. I do find if you are not quick of the mark on the first of the month a lot sells out fast. 

 Nice mag and box 

 One of the included items very tasty
 I wasn't sure I would like this as I don't really like the smell of dove products but this is a really nice shampoo and conditioner. 
 Loved this face mask very hydrating and smells nice
Oh my gosh! I hate these they wouldnt go on my nails and where just plain annoying. 

Have you had this box? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Friday, 27 March 2015

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude palette

Hi everyone, 

Hows your day going? 

You Know I love comping here is one of my favorite wins this year. The lovely people at Semichem.co.uk picked me as one of the winners of the Collection eyes undressed nude palette

The colours are lovely. You know I'm a fan of nude eyes so this is perfect for me. 
They are long lasting and the coverage is good. I find the darks are better in this pallete than the lighter colours. I just feel they have better staying power. I have to say I do like this pallete but It is a bit chalky in texture which I have never really experienced before. But for a lower end pallette its good and I would buy it again. 

Have you tried any of collection pallete? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Discounts on beauty & hair treatments? & Giveaway

Hi everyone,

How are you all today?

So The lovely people over at www.fabyouless-card.com Have sent me one of there awesome card to review. OMG I love this card! Unlike all the cards gathering dust in my purse this one will get used.

Image result for fabyouless

So a bit about the card it £49.95 per year or £4.95 per month. This card gives you discount on beauty & hair treatments as well as gyms You either get 25% off your treatment or 2 for 1! I've not had a card like this with such a massive discount. 
Image result for fabyouless

 All you have to do is search the site for what you are looking for and it gives you a list of venues. You call them up and mention you have a Fabyouless card and you book your appointment feeling awesome as you have saved money!! Show your card when you get to the venue and boom job is done, Money is saved and you have that warm fussy feeling of yes I saved money!

Now I have done a bit of maths and if like me, you love a hair or beauty treatment the card pays for its self after the 1st month. Amazing!

Now for the even more awesome bit!

Fabyouless are giving me 10 cards to giveaway !!! So my lucky reads can have the perks to,
This is a UK only Giveaway. But dont worry I will be running international comps soon 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dalmatians in the Highlands Coats and collars

Hi Everyone. 

How are we all? 

My Dalmation puppy Mylo is 11 months old and he is a bundle of fun. His is also a big cuddle boy. 
Mylo was lucky and the lovely people over at Feedem.co.uk sent him a wee gift card. So I was tasked to find something for Mylo. This was harder then expected as there site is amazing for Dogs. 

Mylo being a Dalmation in the highlands needed a coat so I picked the ANCOL MUDDY PAWS TIMBERWOLF EXTREME WAX COAT BROWN  £14.25 Mylo has on a x large which is a great size for him. Its adjustable so he will be able to wear it next year when he is fully grown. I love this coat. it is waterproof as Mylo will show you in the photos and no more shivering when he goes for a paddle. Plus it has reflective piping so when walking at night he can be seen. It also has that lovely wax jacket smell. Plus did I mention tartan lining. 

As I sit here I have Mylo under my desk and I have just told him I am writing about his jacket so now he is at his jacket begging to have it put on! (yes I talk to my dogs) the jacket must be a winner. 

I have to say this jacket the design is the best we have had. One jacket left poor Mylo hurt as it rubbed him so much! I was so upset as it was a well known brand and for big dogs. 
This has never left a mark on him in any way and he looks so handsome in it! I find that ancol is by far the best brand for dog coats and collars and Feedem.co.uk have a great selection and are the cheapest on the market. They are bookmarked now! 

Just a quick mention to the collars we use Ancol Timberwolf leather collars. We used to go through collars like no ones business as both our dogs love the sea and this rusts collars badly and makes them smell!
The Ancol Timberwolf leather collars are by far the best we have found. They wear so well both our dogs have had them ages and they go that lovely soft leather way.  They are strong and comfy for the dog to wear. I know this as both the dogs get upset if we take them off! They dry really fast unlike nylon ones and don't smell! I couldn't recommend them enough plus they are start at £4.20 Mylo has the sable colour to match his coat. 

 Velcro strap at front 
 and one round the middle,
 There is also leg hoops made of elastic
but we don't use them TMI but we will use them after his op!
 Testing waterproofness 
 He seems happy with it 
 I'm a model 
Its tiring being a model better lie down

Have you got a dog? do  you use coats?

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Finding the perfect jumper for a man

JHi Everyone, 

How are you all today? 

So Today I'm Talking Mens Fashion. 

I don't know about you but I have to buy most of my Hubby's clothes as he would just wear the same old jumpers and t shirts hes had since school! So mission search the internet!

After what felt like an age of looking for mens clothes and just feeling disappointed in the quality and price I came across these jumpers from woolovers. They have some really amazing jumpers for affordable prices. 

They have this one which is cotton and cashmere for £22. 

So in the basket with that I Picked charcoal as I think he will get the most wear out of it. 
Now I find shopping for my hubby a hard task as he is very fussy with quality! I know what your thinking he wont shop himself but is fussy haha! These sound amazing and he wont believe the cost.

The next jumper in my basket has to be the huntsman. This will add a bit of high fashion to his wardrobe. elbow patches are so in! Plus this is pure British wool and only £30.00

v neck hunting sweater

Next jumper I came across is the Aran jumper Now I remember my hubby seeing his uncle in a Aran and saying he really liked this. So In the basket it goes in navy £35. I really like the zip detail giving a modern edge to a old classic style. 

aran sweater jumper with zipped neck

He lives most of his life in polo shirts so I added this to my basket. These are silk and cotton so I know they will be a winner. £28

unisex fine stripe polo shirt
 I know you are thinking we are coming into spring and summer but up here in the Highlands its cold most of the time. so these are an awesome find and I am delighted with the price and quality and Free delivery. 

I have plenty left in my budget for a wee treat for me now. What a great find!

Have you bought anything from woolovers? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo


Monday, 16 March 2015

Mac face and body foundation review

Hi Everyone. 

Hows your day going? 

Lets talk foundation today. I am always on the hunt for a good foundation. I have a few million issues with different foundations. I am defo more of a tinted moisturizer girl. I only like a fully made up face for events like going out or wedding.  So for a everyday foundation I'm looking for a more natural look. Dewy and healthy not to made up and cakey.

 I have used different foundations and tinted moisturizers in the past and always stuck to macs tinted moisturizer studio skin finish  £21.50 I am medium plus in this. I love this and used it for years. But lately I feel like I should have a tiny bit more coverage. As you know I've had a few health issues and it has left me with different skin to contend with. So enter Studio Face and Body Foundation I bought the 50ml in C3. £21.50 I was ordering online as you know there are no mac shops up here in the Highlands and I really had trouble picking which colour was right. I did a webchat with Mac and they helped me pick C3. 
 Mac standard awesome packaging

 after swatching on my hand 
 Naked face

 The wonderful results of one layer
 This is my go to look now for my skin
 Two layers more made up look

The formal is very runny so be prepared for that! I love that it blends in so effortlessly. You know me the 1st thing I did was smell it and I swear there s almost orangey smell to it very nice. I blend this in with my fingers. I know this is not a popular option but its the best for me. 

I love that this foundation is build able and so versatile. I am kicking myself I did not buy the bigger version as I am completely smitten with this foundation, I top off every foundation i use with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in medium plus. 

Do you use any Mac products? or have a different holy grail foundation you want to tell me about? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Friday, 13 March 2015

The new Atkins products review

Hi Everyone, 

How are  you today? 

Today I'm reviewing the Atkins Diet products. I was sent the Starter box if you use this link it has a discount code on at the min so its only £29.62. I'm sure you all know Atkins its been around for ever and has lately had a big revamp and its all about low Carb. First things, first you sign up online and it gives you a online BMI calculator to set your goals. All you need enter is your age height and weight. this tells me I'm In the healthy range. Then you pick what your goals are the choices are
  1. Quickly lose a lot of weight
  2. Lose just enough to feel good about myself 
  3. Lose weight over a longer period of time
  4. Feel more energetic and youthful again
Along with how many kgs you'd like to lose. No matter which I choose I am phase 3 which is  maintenance. This makes sense as I am in the healthy BMI range. This to me proves they are a health concise diet group not trying to say woo you need to lose loads and need this and this and this to do it. If i want to kick start my weight loss I can start in phase 1. They offer you  help and advice thought out this with little pop up messages. 

Whats in the box and whats it like?
 Meal planner- very handy for a quick start guide to atkins

 This is a very helpful pocket guide with hundreds of card counting within
 Chocolate decadence- oh my word am I dieting with this bar this is so tasty and the best chocolate hit I have had from a diet product. 233kcals

Chocolate hazelnut crunch- A great bar full of nutty goodness This smells as good as it tastes. 227Kcals

 Chocolate brownie Bar- My Hubby stole this and I had a bit i swear this is not diet food it is awesome. 218Kcals

Chocolate mint- Now I am not a mint chocolate fan but I enjoyed this it does not have that horrid after taste that mint choc normally has its very refreshing. 222Kcals

 Chocolate coconut bar- You already know I loved this so coconutty with the right about of yummy coconut heaven I tell you heaven. 155Kcals
 peanut caramel crunch- good bar nice and crunchy. 137kcals
crisp milk chocolate yum yum this hit the spot nicely a great chocolate hit with the added crunch 141Kcals

Hazelnut crisp bar-  I liked this very tasty i lied this for a we pre workout boost bar 175Kcals
Cappuccino nut bar -My least favorite by far but to be honest I dont like coffee flavored things  162Kcals
chocolate chip crisp bar - again a nice bar before feel like a good sugar hit 146Kcals
 Fibre Crackers- I had mine with pate as I'm upping my iron very dry but arent all crackers like this
31Kcals per cracker

 Chocolate break bars 3 bars in a pack-  very like a certain break bar we all know but a better health choice. just as tasty and will defo get more 103kcals 
Milk chocolate shake- yum yum yum this is so tasty smooth and sweet and crazy filling defo a chocoholics dream. 149kcals

Vanilla shake- I love vanilla this is super sweet so perfect for me I had this before skiing and it kept me full and energized. 155kcals

You also get a cook book which has awesome recipes in it. lots of quick and healthy meals to keep you full up and feeling good 

This box proves that you don't need to feel deprived on a low card diet and you don't have to give up your taste treats either. 

I really want to try more of there product like there bread mix and pasta and do a longer review so i can tell you all about the weight loss benefits. 

Have you tried atkins? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ombar My new healthy chocolate fix

Hi everyone,

How are we all today? 

I was very lucky and won a competition by Thefoodsauce.co.uk add then on twitter for great comps here

My prize was a selection of chocolates from Ombar.co.uk add there twitter here. Depending on the bar they are under 200 calories but the good kind of calories not the processed rubbish ones no guilt up in here! You know I'm a sweet tooth and need/crave chocolate so these are amazing for me. 

Ombar is Raw chocolate made from coconut sugar and freeze-dried fruit,organic and sustainably sourced Perfect for me. I love a healthy sugar hit for when I'm working out or mountain biking. I will defo be putting some of these in my biking bag. these will give you the right type of sugar hit when you need it. without the oh gosh did I really eat the chocolate bar. I also like that its made of amazing ingredients. no junk in there trunk. Plus it has bio live cultures Yip as in like yogurts so you are getting all that goodness in chocolate. 

 Within my box I got 

Coco Mylk Ombar Lovely tasting so creamy and very sweet without being too much. 

Dark 72% Ombar perfect for the dark chocolate fans so rich and the smell of this one was so nice. 

Goji Berry Ombar Nice sweet with a lovely hit of Goji berrys very unquiet I have never tasted anything like this before. 

Acai and Blueberry Ombar I call this one Blueberry paradise Lovely fresh sweet and zesty.

Probiotic Coconut Ombar You had me at coconu,t Loved this one too sweet again with a coconut after taste you know I love coconuts. 

Mandarin and Cranberry Ombar The one we don't mention I really hate all things orangery in taste I guess you cant like them all. 

And the winner is .....

Lemon and Green Tea Ombar. Oh My gosh this is heaven so chocolately in a good way not milky thought then the lemon zest hit you and it heave in a chocolate bar! I think this was made for me I love all things lemon. lemon cake, lemon drinks, just eating lemon (the other half thinks this is the weirdest thing I do) Stop judging. 

Have you tried Ombar? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Surprise Bra of the month Clara-Olivia February

Hi everyone, 

How are you today?

You know me I am on the constant hunt for the perfect Plus size bra! I am on the hunt for us small back, big cupped girls. I was contacted by the lovely people at Clara-Olivia. Where we came up with the idea of surprise bra of the month so this is month two yip its a wee bit late sorry.

Check out my unboxing here. 

I love this bra Freya deco bra £32 But dont forget
They have also given me a a very generous 20% off discount  code for all of you to use, Enter Beauty20 at the checkout. This is off the whole site!!! did i mention this give free delivery too. 
Someone hold me back. 

I have had the chance to wear this now a few times and Have to say Woo by far my favorite bra I own. It has molded cups which encase you make you feel safe at all time and for me a really comfy bra. I judge a bra by the fact that if you forget you have it on its a complete winner in my books. I love love love the shape its the perfect tshirt bra that give you the silhouette or your t-shirt dreams. the size is great it fits like a glove! I am defo buying this in white too. this bra is my go to for comfy tshirt bras for sure    

So let me know if you use the discount code and what you bought!

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Focus T25 Week 1 review

Hi everyone, 

How are we all? 

So I have started Focus T25 This is my first time doing any of Shaun T's workouts. I thought I would Give you weekly updates. You can pick this up on Amazon for £105. Which is expensive for a workout program. This is why I am doing it so you can see real results and decide if its worth the money for you! I actually pick this up in November last year. In the package you get 10 dvds which make up two 5 week programs a alpha stage and a Beta. along with a resistance band and leaflets including meal plans and a handy wall calender to mark your progress. I find this very motivational as you tick off your days and pick either nailed it or barely made it! I've been ticking barely made it!

Alpha is your first 5 week program. 

Weeks 1-5 consist of different 25 minute workout DVD for each day and a 2-3 min cool down.

The workouts are 
Cardio, speed 1.0, total body circuits, ab intervals, lower focus & stretch these are mixed up each week. 

So this week I did
Monday- Cardio This was hard but there is a easy option if you follow Tania This is HIIT with out the rest slower bits haha! Calorie burn 300 for me. 

Tuesday- speed 1.0 as it says this is fast but I liked it. Your 25 mins go so fast here. Calorie burn 306

Wednesday -Total body circuits (OH MY GOSH) this is the hardest its full on and I followed Tania a lot Calorie burn 408

Thursday- Abs intervals I liked this although don't expect not to sweat you will its killer and the best calorie burn I had all week Calorie burn 421

Friday- I was ill so I had my rest day ( check out my post on my ill health)

Saturday - Lower focus & cardio all about toning your legs they were sore after this two together. Calorie burn 380 & 300

Sunday - Stretch very nice and relaxed stretching but if i'm honest very hard moves as I am not the best at coordination! Calorie burn 112

*****I have to say I am also doing turbo training on my bike as I'm training for a race. 
As with my previous post about my illness I am struggling with this one***

So here are my 1st week results 
The weight loss wont be to accurate as its that time of the month TMI I know but it affects the results.

I lost 4lbs or 1.814kgs

noticeable measurement changes (inches)
arms 0.5 
waist 1.0
muffin top 1.0
bum 1.0
upper leg (fullest part) 1.0
calf 0.2

Week one done one to week two !

Have you done any of the beachbody workouts 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pawsome box unboxing

Hi everyone, 

How are you all today? 

My two dogs were very lucky and sent a little pressie from Pawsomebox.co.uk
February Pawsome box. Pawsome is a monthly subscriptipn box for dogs. They also do a purrfect-box.co.uk for cats. Its £19.90 per month for the box I have to say you get a lot for your money with this box. The pig in the box alone is worth £6.99 I know as I have looked at them before. I love this the way to my heart is defo through my dogs. 

Heres the unboxing vid. 

Meet the pups This is Mylo he is a eleven month old Dalmatian. Hes a ball of fun but can also be the cuddliest dog in the world shame he doesn't realise hes now 30kg. 

 Millie is a three year old springador (springer cross lab). Millie is the best dog in the world
she has been my rock through hard times and is defo my doggy soul mate. 

 Do you think they wanted something?

Have you tried Pawsome? do you have any dogs?

MissLJBeauty xoxo