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Focus T25 Week 1 review

Hi everyone, 

How are we all? 

So I have started Focus T25 This is my first time doing any of Shaun T's workouts. I thought I would Give you weekly updates. You can pick this up on Amazon for £105. Which is expensive for a workout program. This is why I am doing it so you can see real results and decide if its worth the money for you! I actually pick this up in November last year. In the package you get 10 dvds which make up two 5 week programs a alpha stage and a Beta. along with a resistance band and leaflets including meal plans and a handy wall calender to mark your progress. I find this very motivational as you tick off your days and pick either nailed it or barely made it! I've been ticking barely made it!

Alpha is your first 5 week program. 

Weeks 1-5 consist of different 25 minute workout DVD for each day and a 2-3 min cool down.

The workouts are 
Cardio, speed 1.0, total body circuits, ab intervals, lower focus & stretch these are mixed up each week. 

So this week I did
Monday- Cardio This was hard but there is a easy option if you follow Tania This is HIIT with out the rest slower bits haha! Calorie burn 300 for me. 

Tuesday- speed 1.0 as it says this is fast but I liked it. Your 25 mins go so fast here. Calorie burn 306

Wednesday -Total body circuits (OH MY GOSH) this is the hardest its full on and I followed Tania a lot Calorie burn 408

Thursday- Abs intervals I liked this although don't expect not to sweat you will its killer and the best calorie burn I had all week Calorie burn 421

Friday- I was ill so I had my rest day ( check out my post on my ill health)

Saturday - Lower focus & cardio all about toning your legs they were sore after this two together. Calorie burn 380 & 300

Sunday - Stretch very nice and relaxed stretching but if i'm honest very hard moves as I am not the best at coordination! Calorie burn 112

*****I have to say I am also doing turbo training on my bike as I'm training for a race. 
As with my previous post about my illness I am struggling with this one***

So here are my 1st week results 
The weight loss wont be to accurate as its that time of the month TMI I know but it affects the results.

I lost 4lbs or 1.814kgs

noticeable measurement changes (inches)
arms 0.5 
waist 1.0
muffin top 1.0
bum 1.0
upper leg (fullest part) 1.0
calf 0.2

Week one done one to week two !

Have you done any of the beachbody workouts 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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