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Ombar My new healthy chocolate fix

Hi everyone,

How are we all today? 

I was very lucky and won a competition by add then on twitter for great comps here. 

My prize was a selection of chocolates from add there twitter here. Depending on the bar they are under 200 calories but the good kind of calories not the processed rubbish ones no guilt up in here! You know I'm a sweet tooth and need/crave chocolate so these are amazing for me. 

Ombar is Raw chocolate made from coconut sugar and freeze-dried fruit,organic and sustainably sourced Perfect for me. I love a healthy sugar hit for when I'm working out or mountain biking. I will defo be putting some of these in my biking bag. these will give you the right type of sugar hit when you need it. without the oh gosh did I really eat the chocolate bar. I also like that its made of amazing ingredients. no junk in there trunk. Plus it has bio live cultures Yip as in like yogurts so you are getting all that goodness in chocolate. 

 Within my box I got 

Coco Mylk Ombar Lovely tasting so creamy and very sweet without being too much. 

Dark 72% Ombar perfect for the dark chocolate fans so rich and the smell of this one was so nice. 

Goji Berry Ombar Nice sweet with a lovely hit of Goji berrys very unquiet I have never tasted anything like this before. 

Acai and Blueberry Ombar I call this one Blueberry paradise Lovely fresh sweet and zesty.

Probiotic Coconut Ombar You had me at coconu,t Loved this one too sweet again with a coconut after taste you know I love coconuts. 

Mandarin and Cranberry Ombar The one we don't mention I really hate all things orangery in taste I guess you cant like them all. 

And the winner is .....

Lemon and Green Tea Ombar. Oh My gosh this is heaven so chocolately in a good way not milky thought then the lemon zest hit you and it heave in a chocolate bar! I think this was made for me I love all things lemon. lemon cake, lemon drinks, just eating lemon (the other half thinks this is the weirdest thing I do) Stop judging. 

Have you tried Ombar? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo