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The new Atkins products review

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Today I'm reviewing the Atkins Diet products. I was sent the Starter box if you use this link it has a discount code on at the min so its only £29.62. I'm sure you all know Atkins its been around for ever and has lately had a big revamp and its all about low Carb. First things, first you sign up online and it gives you a online BMI calculator to set your goals. All you need enter is your age height and weight. this tells me I'm In the healthy range. Then you pick what your goals are the choices are
  1. Quickly lose a lot of weight
  2. Lose just enough to feel good about myself 
  3. Lose weight over a longer period of time
  4. Feel more energetic and youthful again
Along with how many kgs you'd like to lose. No matter which I choose I am phase 3 which is  maintenance. This makes sense as I am in the healthy BMI range. This to me proves they are a health concise diet group not trying to say woo you need to lose loads and need this and this and this to do it. If i want to kick start my weight loss I can start in phase 1. They offer you  help and advice thought out this with little pop up messages. 

Whats in the box and whats it like?
 Meal planner- very handy for a quick start guide to atkins

 This is a very helpful pocket guide with hundreds of card counting within
 Chocolate decadence- oh my word am I dieting with this bar this is so tasty and the best chocolate hit I have had from a diet product. 233kcals

Chocolate hazelnut crunch- A great bar full of nutty goodness This smells as good as it tastes. 227Kcals

 Chocolate brownie Bar- My Hubby stole this and I had a bit i swear this is not diet food it is awesome. 218Kcals

Chocolate mint- Now I am not a mint chocolate fan but I enjoyed this it does not have that horrid after taste that mint choc normally has its very refreshing. 222Kcals

 Chocolate coconut bar- You already know I loved this so coconutty with the right about of yummy coconut heaven I tell you heaven. 155Kcals
 peanut caramel crunch- good bar nice and crunchy. 137kcals
crisp milk chocolate yum yum this hit the spot nicely a great chocolate hit with the added crunch 141Kcals

Hazelnut crisp bar-  I liked this very tasty i lied this for a we pre workout boost bar 175Kcals
Cappuccino nut bar -My least favorite by far but to be honest I dont like coffee flavored things  162Kcals
chocolate chip crisp bar - again a nice bar before feel like a good sugar hit 146Kcals
 Fibre Crackers- I had mine with pate as I'm upping my iron very dry but arent all crackers like this
31Kcals per cracker

 Chocolate break bars 3 bars in a pack-  very like a certain break bar we all know but a better health choice. just as tasty and will defo get more 103kcals 
Milk chocolate shake- yum yum yum this is so tasty smooth and sweet and crazy filling defo a chocoholics dream. 149kcals

Vanilla shake- I love vanilla this is super sweet so perfect for me I had this before skiing and it kept me full and energized. 155kcals

You also get a cook book which has awesome recipes in it. lots of quick and healthy meals to keep you full up and feeling good 

This box proves that you don't need to feel deprived on a low card diet and you don't have to give up your taste treats either. 

I really want to try more of there product like there bread mix and pasta and do a longer review so i can tell you all about the weight loss benefits. 

Have you tried atkins? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo