MissLJBeauty: February 2016

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Its a Pawsome day over here

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

So its Pawsome day for the pups. Sorry this one is late but their first febuary box was destroyed by the courier company. So they lovely people over at  Pawsomebox.co.uk Got another box over  to us in super fast time. 

If you don't know about pawsome where have you been? Its a monthly subscription box for you dogs or cats. My dogs love getting there box and almost knock the postie over to get it. 

If you have subscribes I have been given a discount code for £5 off 
 Add code ukbayfij at the check out

 Mylo is so excited
 Some tasty snacks. These are by M&M kitchen No nasty additives these are peanut butter
which is one of my dog favorite snack. They went mad for these. 
 Woof & Brew Health dog tea. My dogs love love love this. My Springador Millie is they type of dog that never really drinks and its like a stealth maneuver when she does but for this she will shove her 
brother out the way to drink this. 

Fluofresh chews the dogs both like these a great alternative to dentastix. I have to say Mylo the dalmatian has the most sensitive stomach and these don't affect him at all so perfect if your pooch has the same issues. 
There is a really handy Biogance clean pad spray. which as a dog owner this 
is awesome my dog can be in the garden on a dry day and find mud and other things to stamp there little paws in. This also hydrated there paws as well as cleaning them. It smells clean and fresh I can not put my finger on the smell but its nice. 

 Two toys A gorgeous bunny which they loved but I have to say it got killed pretty fast. 
The frisbee both the pups liked to fight with and had the most fun playing with again it didn't last the longest as they love to kill toys but the rope ball has lasted and they both wonder round with it. 
 another brilliant box 

Have you tired Pawsome
MissLJBeauty xo 

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Fun Ways To Dress Up Plain Clothing

Hi Everyone.

How are you?
Let's talk clothes and how to make them special.
Maybe you have a job that requires you to wear simple clothing, or you want to save your more special items for more important occasions. No matter what the reason might be, there is no real why plains clothes have to equal plain outfit! Use a combination of makeup, hair accessories, jewellery and footwear. You can make things way more interesting! Read on for a handful of ideas for every occasion and budget.

With your footwear
Ah, high heels! Don’t we just love to hate them? As uncomfortable as they can be, they really do change so many things. They can alter how your outfit hangs on your body, how your legs look, and how your hold yourself. Not only can heels change your look in this way, but they can also become the focal point of your outfit. If your outfit is plain, go for heels in a bright colour or with a cool embellishment.

With a hair accessory
Tiara’s aren’t only suitable for a bridal look, you know! As long as you don’t go too extravagant, a delicate tiara can look totally natural. If you’re not up for going all out with a tiara, choose instead a leaf-design hair-piece, or a headband. Think Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. She loved to a rock a headband and always made them so classy. You can totally do the same.

With your jewellery
Because of how delicate it is, Lace jewellery is one such way to dress up an everyday outfit. Also, don’t think that jewellery just means rings earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You’ve also got things like midi-rings, and anklets too. Think texture when you’re picking your pieces.

With texture
On the topic of texture, try and combine several different textures into your outfit. Colour isn’t the only way to spice things up. Think a thick woollen scarf with a thin floaty dress, for example. Different textures add a level of interest to any outfit.

With your makeup
Say, for example, you’re wearing an all-black outfit. This might seem drab, but in fact, it’s a fantastic excuse to wear a bright red lip! Or sparkly eyeshadow! Get creative on your face when you can’t with your clothes.

With your hair
You might have restrictions on the colour of your clothing, but do you have restrictions on the colour of your hair? If the answer is no, fantastic! It’s time to get creative. Is there a hair colour you’ve always wanted to try out before? Then now is the time. Go along to a salon for a consultation and you can discover your options with a professional. There are so many incredible hair colours out there now. Check out rainbow hair on Pinterest to have your breath taken away. If you’re not quite brave enough for that, consider red or platinum blonde instead!

With a scarf
This has to be one of the easiest ways out there. Throw on a colourful scarf to instantly brighten things up. It’s quick and easy to remove if and when you need to.

So many ways to spice up your clothes.

How do you do it?

Missljbeauty xoxo

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

LG to save the day at London fashion week

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all today?

Well It's London fashion week! I adore London Fashion week and I have to say as a blogger is a very exciting time of the year. I love seeing all the new collections. This is also one of the times I hate being so far away from London. I have been invited to some amazing events but alas I will watch on from my computer screen. I will make a point of going next year!

Have you seen what LG are offering? Its called style saving service. Now if you know me, I am so clumsy, Yes I am that friend, that no matter what, I can and will spill food or drink on my new outfit or get splashed by a passing car on the way to a big event! So when I seen this I was delighted.  

LG offers backstage Steam Team garment care to Londoners throughout London Fashion Week with Style Saving Service #SaveOurStyle

So lets get down to business. Here's what to do if you are in London's W1 area tweet @LGUK with the hashtag #SaveOurStyle in order to arrange a speedy pick-up from LG’s garment carers and receive a replacement item while your is cleaned. This couldn't be simpler. 

Could you imagine you are on your way to a huge event and boom coffee all over your dress. You have spent ages picking this dress, You spent way too much money on it and now you are left looking more fashion fail than a fashionista.  LG to the rescue! A quick tweet and you're on your way to looking good again. 

It's LG's 10th season of looking after the behind the scenes of London fashion week, looking after all the catwalk coutures (not a bad way to spend a week or two). LG thought lets give back to you all and decided to help us all look good and feel like a catwalk model with this initiative service. 

LG Sent me some stats about us brits and I had to share these ones with you 
·         90% won’t tell someone if they’ve experienced a fashion faux pas  such as dropping food down their outfit
·         A third will throw away clothing if it’s stained
·         10% will buy a completely new outfit if they have a food or drink spill

I laughed when I read this as I have done all of theses things. Come on hands up Have you?

Research shows that it’s not what we’re wearing, but how clean and tidy our clothes are that makes us feel good – with troublesome spills and stains seriously interrupting the daily lives of us Brits.

Leading me over to this huge collaboration 

The Amazing Ashley Williams For LG

How much do I want one of these bags! They as so nice!

Don't forget to check out LGs daily Updates from London Fashion week. With all the biggest names and stages London fashion week has to offer. 

For More Info on LG Check out here.

MissLJBeauty X

Friday, 19 February 2016

How To Protect Your Body From A Harsh Winter

Hi Everyone,
How are you?

The cold and wet associated with winter can be a big problem for some people. Not only can it make sidewalks and highways more slippery and dangerous, but it can harm your skin too. The skin is vulnerable when exposed to the rain, snow, and cold temperatures. It can chap, dry and flake. It can even burn in the icy temperatures. Your muscles and joints are also more prone to injury, aches and pains when the temperature plummets. So how can you protect your body from a harsh winter this year?

Wrapping up warm is vital to avoid illness. Letting your body temperature drop too low can cause it to start to shut down. You may feel tired and dizzy. While this is far from common, prolonged exposure to cold air on your lungs can still make vulnerable people quite poorly. Choose warm materials and use layering so you can adjust how warm you are as you move from outdoors to indoors.

Some clothing is better at keeping us warm than others. While tees and vests make great base layers in winter, you really want a long sleeve top or shirt and a wool sweater on top to stay warm. Irish wool sweaters are among the warmest in the world. Best of all, you can find them in stylish designs, so they look good wherever you wear them.

Natural fibers like cotton and wool against the skin are safest when it is sensitive from the cold. Exfoliating or buffing your skin regularly removes the dry, dead cells that leave the newer skin cells prone to sores. Moisturize every day with a good, protective body butter that prevents skin drying out. Soaking in the bath in winter can also be preferable to showers for protecting your skin.

When your neck and back are aching from the cold, it’s important to keep them mobile and moving gently as much as you can. Stiffness from bracing in the cold wind is very common. Use scarfs and hats whenever you can outside. A physio or chiropractor may be able to help alleviate some of the problems. Regular stretching and movement are best to keep muscles and joints working.

Colds are very common when it’s damp and cold out. They can also be worsened by the stress a lot of us feel at this time of year. Complementary therapies work naturally to ease your symptoms of pain and anxiety. They can even help you improve your immune system. Natural remedies for coughs and colds are also preferable to pharmaceutical drugs. However, some coughs are caused by infection and should be treated by your doctor.

Years ago it was difficult to get hold of some of our favorite fruits and vegetables in the winter time. These days, fresh produce is available all year round. This means you can top up on your vitamins and minerals really easy through the winter months. Best of all, they make excellent hot soups to help warm you up from the inside. Enjoy your winter this year with good health.

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Benefits of Complementary Therapies

Hi everyone,

How are you?

There are many ways that we can stay fit and healthy. One way that a lot of people keep on top of their well being is by using complementary therapies. The term complementary therapy comes from when it is used alongside mainstream medicine. So I don’t think they should replace medicine but when the two are used together, there are any benefits. (I am a qualified masseuse and I specialise in 
sport massage).

The range of therapies is huge; from colonic irrigation to aromatherapy. Some people may be funny about a certain therapy. If you have a thing where you can’t stand people touching your feet, then reflexology won’t be for you. If you prefer to have your back massaged then that might be a better option for you over something like acupuncture. There are lots to choose from so it just depends on what your symptoms are.


I know these kinds of therapies get a reputation for having a bit of a placebo effect. That may be true in some cases but if it makes someone feel better then I don’t see the problem? There are a lot of people that have shown significant health improvements using a complementary therapy. So I think they are a win-win situation.

They help people to rely a lot less on medicine. Some medicines are vital for people but a lot of them aren’t. A lot of people look for a natural option that helps to relax them and make them feel good. This is true if they are stressed or worried about their health. I think the two together works so well. Complementary therapies have the thinking that you should treat the whole person and not just the symptoms of the illness. I think this is a great approach to general wellness and being healthier. They offer a more integrated approach to healing.


Another benefit is that they can ease the physical symptoms that people are feeling. As well as improving their emotional state. If you suffer from back pain, massage and acupuncture get right to the root of the problem. Taking pain killers only takes the pain away and doesn’t help in trying to repair the problem. I have been looking into Acupuncture Courses and the content looks so interesting. I’ve have benefited from these when I ruptured my achilles tendon and calf in four place.

Therapies like aromatherapy and massage have been shown to reduce depression and anxiety in patients. Doing my work make me think why people wouldn’t bother with complementary therapies? There is a cost involved but I think the great benefits outweigh any issues with cost. Being able to have a reduction in anxiety and depression without having to speak to a counsellor or take any pills? Sounds like a fantastic option to me. So next time you are feeling a little down or unwell, speak to your GP and see if there is a therapy that they could recommend for you. Therapies are great for little niggles like fatigue, pain or digestion issues.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried many complementary therapies before? I’d love to hear some of your experiences; positive or negative.

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Super fun ways to get fit and healthy!

Hi Everyone.

So I'm back to fitness and I think It’s never too late to start getting fit and healthy, so if you’re thinking about it, you should just do it! Humans were supposed to be fit and active, not sit around all day doing nothing. Many people sniffle at exercise and say it’s boring and too hard, but those people are doing it wrong. Probably slogging away for hours on the treadmill! The best way to get fit and healthy is to do it the fun way. Here are some super fun ways to get fit and healthy:


Swimming can be a really fun way to get fit and healthy. If you can’t swim that much yet, focus on just getting your form right. Many people think they aren’t good swimmers because their form is a little off and they get tired easily. If you perfect your form, you’ll be able to swim much better. You should find it quite therapeutic! There are aqua aerobics and things you can do too, which are nice and low impact if you have bad joints.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing isn’t the seedy sport that people make it out to be. It’s so popular lately, because it helps to teach balance, strength, and a variety of complex movements. You will be able to hold poses you never thought possible as you progress.

Rock Climbing

Climbing things is a great way to get fit, but you don’t need to climb up a real rock face to do it. Rock climbing can be done indoors these days, which is great when the weather is bad or you’re a beginner. You’ll be surprised at how hard it is!


When you’re dancing, do you even know you’re working out? Dancing is really high energy and loads of fun, so it’s great for replacing a boring cardio routine. You could do Zumba, belly dancing, or any other kind that takes your fancy. There will be classes for all ages.


Trampolining can burn a ton of calories, and you’re having so much fun you don’t even realise you’ve worked out until afterwards. By heading to a trampoline park you could get fit and have a wonderful time while you’re at it!

Adult Gymnastics

Never quite been able to grasp a handstand or a cartwheel? Go to an adult gymnastics class! You’ll be able to learn all the moves you weren’t able to do as a child and feel proud of yourself. You’ll get much stronger too!

A Sport’s Club

If none of this appeals to you, there’s bound to be a sport’s club out there that does. There’s dodgeball, football, netball, and so many more clubs you could join. It’s never too late to get into a sport!

Don’t be afraid to try something new, especially when you’re benefiting your health like this! Drag a friend along with you the first time if it makes you feel better. Bear in mind going alone could mean you make all kinds of new friends as well as get fit!

Have you tried any?

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Valentine's Gift Guide

Hi everyone. 

Its nearly here and the last day for ordering in time for postage is upon us eek. 
So Let's talk gifts. I am going away from the norm of chocolates and flowers as everyone knows this is a staple for valentine's day. I love valentine's day but I do think it's not just about love for your other half but love in general. So even if you're single do something nice for someone. A smile goes a long way. 
 Image result for love heart

Here are my Picks of awesome Valentines day gifts. 

For Him

My hubby would love a personalised boot bag £24.99. He's not a footballer but he bikes and his horrid grubby mountain biking shoes could be put in here and he could keep them away from the rest of his kit! (he love practical gifts). One year I bought him an axe and he was delight he still talks about it as his best valentines ever. 

Boot bag main image

Where have these shirts been all my hubby's life? He would love a Non Iron shirt. From ctshirts.com  £60 or 4 For £100. Need I say more than Non Iron! I love getting my hubby quality shirts that will last forever. plus I have on occasion "Borrowed" them and added a belt for a shirt dress. Sssh he will never know its his. 
They also do womens shirts which are so feminine and well fitted.  Their suits are amazing with styles to suit everyone. I really like the travel suits £299.00.

Classic fit non-iron twill stripe white and sky shirtInk classic fit birdseye travel suit

For Her 

I really like this rose gold heart ball bangle From Toxicfox £14.99
main image of RG BR heart & ball bangle

You Know I love rosiewillettdesigns.co.uk and she has released a love themed Line of bags, Jumpers and tshirts. To say the least I'm obsessed. 

This personalised wedding date sweater is beyond perfect and its only £41.00. You could also do your anniversary date. It so thoughtful and would be perfect with jeans. 

My Close second from this range is The Head over heels T Shirt £23.00

either of you

The wonderful people at sponge.co.uk have put together a lovely gift set which contains
7" Red Velvet Sponge with a personalised Valentine's card, a 187ml bottle of prosecco and a little bag of love containing rose petals, love hearts and a red heart candle. How cute is that and only £27.99. You know I love cake and this is just the cutest thing ever!
Or why not get a cake for the office and share the love this year! it will put a smile on everyone's face.

There is far to much choice this year but this is my top picks!

What are you getting? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

An apple watch for Valentine's day?

Hi Everyone

How are you all?

Its nearly Valentines day! Have you bought your other half a gift yet? I've been looking at a watch for my hubby. You know we love our fitness and the apple watch has amazing featured for us outdoorsy people. Here what I have found.

Must-have Apple Watch accessories

I'm planning on treating my other half to a watch for Valentine’s Day, perhaps an Apple Watch could be the perfect gift? With a host of features including Apple Pay, Siri and a fitness tracker, there’s few who won’t appreciate this top tech.
The wonderful Babla's jewellers Have got a great range of Apple Watch accessories. Read on to discover my favourites — they’ll add the perfect finishing touch to my hubby's gift and make it truly personal. I've added in the female ones I love for myself.

For the female fashionista

Every fashion follower will know that rose gold is huge this season. If you’re shopping for a fashionista, give them the gift of style this year with a Hoco stainless steel rose gold strap and complementing case. It’s perfect for upping the fashion stakes this year.

For the business man

Whether it’s quickly paying for a coffee on the go or receiving instant notifications, the Apple Watch offers many benefits for the business-minded. To ensure the gadget is ready for the boardroom, invest in a stylish stainless steel strap. This Hoco black strap and case scream professionalism, effortlessly taking the wearer from work to play.

For the traditional time teller

Shopping for someone who’s somewhere between a traditionalist and forward-thinker? If they like cutting-edge technology yet still appreciate classic design, the Hoco leather strap is for you. It’s available in a selection of colours from vibrant red to classic black, although we love the stitch detailing on this cream strap.

For everyone!

Once he or she depending on who your buying for own an Apple Watch, they’ll definitely want to keep it safe. I know my hubby is a dropper & Repairs can be expensive and scratches and scuffs can ruin the overall look of the tech. Thankfully, the Hoco fully protective tempered glass screen cover will help protect the gadget from damage. Priced at just £4.99, it’s a small investment that could save them a lot in the long run!

Take a look at the full selection of Apple Watch straps and accessories to discover more great gift ideas.

I love the look of these cases for the watch but I cant choose which to get him. Too much choice.
MissLJbeauty x*