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Fun Ways To Dress Up Plain Clothing

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Let's talk clothes and how to make them special.
Maybe you have a job that requires you to wear simple clothing, or you want to save your more special items for more important occasions. No matter what the reason might be, there is no real why plains clothes have to equal plain outfit! Use a combination of makeup, hair accessories, jewellery and footwear. You can make things way more interesting! Read on for a handful of ideas for every occasion and budget.

With your footwear
Ah, high heels! Don’t we just love to hate them? As uncomfortable as they can be, they really do change so many things. They can alter how your outfit hangs on your body, how your legs look, and how your hold yourself. Not only can heels change your look in this way, but they can also become the focal point of your outfit. If your outfit is plain, go for heels in a bright colour or with a cool embellishment.

With a hair accessory
Tiara’s aren’t only suitable for a bridal look, you know! As long as you don’t go too extravagant, a delicate tiara can look totally natural. If you’re not up for going all out with a tiara, choose instead a leaf-design hair-piece, or a headband. Think Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. She loved to a rock a headband and always made them so classy. You can totally do the same.

With your jewellery
Because of how delicate it is, Lace jewellery is one such way to dress up an everyday outfit. Also, don’t think that jewellery just means rings earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You’ve also got things like midi-rings, and anklets too. Think texture when you’re picking your pieces.

With texture
On the topic of texture, try and combine several different textures into your outfit. Colour isn’t the only way to spice things up. Think a thick woollen scarf with a thin floaty dress, for example. Different textures add a level of interest to any outfit.

With your makeup
Say, for example, you’re wearing an all-black outfit. This might seem drab, but in fact, it’s a fantastic excuse to wear a bright red lip! Or sparkly eyeshadow! Get creative on your face when you can’t with your clothes.

With your hair
You might have restrictions on the colour of your clothing, but do you have restrictions on the colour of your hair? If the answer is no, fantastic! It’s time to get creative. Is there a hair colour you’ve always wanted to try out before? Then now is the time. Go along to a salon for a consultation and you can discover your options with a professional. There are so many incredible hair colours out there now. Check out rainbow hair on Pinterest to have your breath taken away. If you’re not quite brave enough for that, consider red or platinum blonde instead!

With a scarf
This has to be one of the easiest ways out there. Throw on a colourful scarf to instantly brighten things up. It’s quick and easy to remove if and when you need to.

So many ways to spice up your clothes.

How do you do it?

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